Delaney Strouse

Age: 21
Born: Midland, MI
Resides: Midland, MI
Throws: Right
High School: H.H Dow High School
In Own Words:
I started curling well into my seventh grade year. I was a swimmer at the time and dreaded going to practice every single day. I begged my mom to quit but she told me that I had to play two sports. My brother was a curler at the time so when I found out that I got his coach as my science teacher I was excited to know I at least had one nice teacher. For months he begged me to try curling, well not just me, he begged all his classes to come out and try curling. For awhile it didn’t really interest me until Mike (my teacher) offered extra credit to come out to the club and throw a few rocks. I told my brother I was thinking of trying curling and he got so angry, convicting me of stealing his “thing” and then me being a typical annoying sister, now I really wanted to try it, just to make him mad. I came to a junior practice, and honestly I didn’t know what to think. It was so different then my other face paced sports of volleyball and swim. Mike asked me to sign up and once I realized I didn’t have to swim and it annoyed my brother I was totally down. [cr][lf][cr][lf]From there on out I totally started falling in love with the sport and the people involved. My team has been always a constant support to me and even though we’ve had people come and go, three of us have stuck together for the past two years, Madelyn Graves, Maya Willertz and I. We’ve been underdogs at everything we’ve been to including this but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They’re not only my teammates but my best friends. I know that sounds super cliché but its so true. The sport of curling has turned into much bigger than a sport for me and I hope it stays like that for a long time. [cr][lf]
Junior Highlights:
1st place- London, ON spiel [cr][lf]1st place- GLCA junior playdowns[cr][lf]2nd place- 2015 Midland Am Challenge[cr][lf]3rd place- 2014 Ilderton cash spiel[cr][lf]3rd place- 2015 Sarnia spiel [cr][lf]

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