Players' Championship -- Shooting

Apr 9 - 14, 2019
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Brad Gushue 35014941.905.089.0
Team Ross Paterson 49220371.925.086.2
Team Kevin Koe 47219372.025.585.9
Team Brendan Bottcher 47519411.964.885.4
Team Peter De Cruz 49620221.965.685.2
Team Mike McEwen 44617972.085.284.6
Team Brad Jacobs 34113762.004.884.5
Team Niklas Edin 33413501.984.384.5
Team Glenn Howard 38115062.005.982.7
Team Bruce Mouat 36013732.065.980.0
Team John Epping 33312661.965.579.4
Team Matt Dunstone 2488752.124.374.0
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Brad Gushue (Gushue) 863761.944.391.5
Kevin Koe (Koe) 1174712.165.484.8
Brendan Bottcher (Bottcher) 1154652.065.184.8
Mike McEwen (McEwen) 1104332.325.383.5
Benoit Schwarz (De Cruz) 1244912.025.283.1
Brad Jacobs (Jacobs) 833252.265.183.0
Glenn Howard (Howard) 933572.045.980.4
Ross Paterson (Paterson) 1204582.145.480.0
Niklas Edin (Edin) 813012.044.678.1
Bruce Mouat (Mouat) 903192.385.975.3
John Epping (Epping) 812851.984.773.2
Matt Dunstone (Dunstone) 621912.524.565.6


Mark Nichols (Gushue) 883702.105.288.7
Oskar Eriksson (Edin) 843452.184.086.5
Kyle Waddell (Paterson) 1245122.025.386.4
B.J. Neufeld (Koe) 1184752.205.584.9
Ryan Fry (Jacobs) 863452.064.884.5
Darren Moulding (Bottcher) 1204772.245.084.2
Mathew Camm (Epping) 843242.105.281.4
Reid Carruthers (McEwen) 1124232.265.879.9
Scott Howard (Howard) 963622.225.979.9
Sven Michel (De Cruz) 1244662.185.879.4
Grant Hardie (Mouat) 903322.265.978.3
Braeden Moskowy (Dunstone) 621932.284.866.2


Peter De Cruz (De Cruz) 1245212.025.388.1
E.J. Harnden (Jacobs) 863562.144.587.2
Brett Gallant (Gushue) 883622.045.086.3
Bradley Thiessen (Bottcher) 1204892.064.385.5
Derek Samagalski (McEwen) 1124462.304.784.9
Duncan Menzies (Paterson) 1244992.064.884.5
Colton Flasch (Koe) 1194712.225.683.7
Rasmus Wrana (Edin) 853372.184.583.6
David Mathers (Howard) 963672.266.181.2
Bobby Lammie (Mouat) 903422.205.380.3
Brent Laing (Epping) 842992.145.675.0
Catlin Schneider (Dunstone) 622182.284.474.5


Michael Goodfellow (Paterson) 1245681.444.793.5
Ben Hebert (Koe) 1185201.525.390.2
Colin Hodgson (McEwen) 1124951.444.990.1
Valentin Tanner (De Cruz) 1245441.585.990.1
Dustin Kidby (Dunstone) 622731.443.489.6
Geoff Walker (Gushue) 883861.505.389.6
Christoffer Sundgren (Edin) 843671.544.289.5
Tim March (Howard) 964201.485.789.4
Craig Savill (Epping) 843581.646.487.8
Karrick Martin (Bottcher) 1205101.524.987.1
Hammy McMillan Jr. (Mouat) 903801.406.686.1
Ryan Harnden (Jacobs) 863501.564.883.4

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World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

(Photo: WCF / Peter Harsanyi) The length of curling games and the potential impact of shortening games - predominantly by reducing the number of ends from ten to eight - will be a vital topic of discussion at the upcoming World Curling Congress and Annual General Assembly in held September 4-6 in Cancun, Mexico.

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