Ashley Waye

Age: 38
Resides: Toronto, ON
Throws: Right
Profession: Lawyer, Kith + Kin LLP
College/University: Oxford University
Curling Highlights:
My interest in curling was sparked as a youngster when I desperately wanted to join my dad in men’s league. At the age of 6, I settled for Little Rock league at the Thornhill Country Club. I played Little Rock and Bantams out of Thornhill and Bayview before moving to Germany with my family at age 14. In 2000, I played for Germany winning the B World Junior Championships and qualifying for the Junior World Championships. Since my return to Canada in 2006 I have worked my way back into the competitive curling scene. I have skipped my women’s team for the last three years, reaching Scotties and Trophy Regionals. I was excited to try Mixed Doubles in the inaugural provincial qualifier where my team finished second of 32 teams! I'm thrilled to have a new, strong front-end and looking forward to rocking the Ontario Curling Tour in the 2013-14 season!

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