Karuizawa International -- Contact

Dec 1 - 3, 2023
Event Information
1st prize: 800,000 yen (~$8,000 CDN) 2nd prize: 400,000 yen 3rd prize: 200,000 yen 4th prize: 100,000 yen
Payment Information

Location: Karuizawa Curling Club
Karuizawa, Japan, Japan
Contact: Mio Hayano
E: entry.icurling@gmail.com
Purse: 1,500,000 yen Teams: 8
Entry Fee: $100,000 yen Qualifiers: 8

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Bottcher Out!

Bottcher Out!

Brendan Bottcher (photo: Stan Fong) is moving on from now former teammates Marc Kennedy, Brett Gallant and Ben Hebert, announced Tuesday.

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