[[5:20.7564]] Schwaller Reaches 2018 Baden Masters Quarters

Schwaller Reaches 2018 Baden Masters Quarters

Aug 24 - 26, 2018

Bern, Switzerland
Games: 5  
Record: 3W - 2L  
PF/G: 10.00  
PA/G: 5.56  
Hammer Efficiency: 0.50  
Steal Defense: 0.20  
Force Efficiency: 0.67  
Steal Efficiency: 0.38  
Yannick Schwaller (Bern, SUI) qualified for the 2018 Baden Masters playoffs, dropping their quarterfinals match 5-3 against Peter De Cruz (Geneve, SUI). of the 2018 Baden Masters in Baden, Switzerland;
Schwaller finished 3-1 in the 20 team Baden Masters qualifying round, held August 24 - 26, 2018 in , . In their opening game, Schwaller defeated Klaudius Harsch (Fuessen, GER) 8-1, then won 9-3 against Marco Hoesli (Glarus, SUI) and 11-5 against Fredrik Nyman (Stockholm, SWE). Schwaller went on to lose 6-5 against Bruce Mouat (Stirling, SCO) in their final qualifying round match.
Schwaller earned 20.756 world rankings points for their Top 5 finish in the Baden Masters, moving up 3 spots the World Ranking Standings into 18th place overall with 174.147 total points. Schwaller ranks 10th overall on the Year-to-Date rankings with 20.756 points earned so far this season.

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