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2014 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Curling -- Shooting

Nov 9 - 17, 2013
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team John Shuster 79733101.705.185.8
Team Pete Fenson 83834671.604.685.0
Team Tyler George 61125001.664.484.4
Team Brady Clark 55921831.664.280.5
Team Heath McCormick 63724461.664.779.1
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


John Shuster (Shuster) 1968131.785.285.9
Christopher Plys (George) 1495881.825.082.0
Pete Fenson (Fenson) 2098151.664.680.4
Heath McCormick (McCormick) 1605811.845.275.3
Brady Clark (Clark) 1394961.924.374.7


Greg Persinger (Clark) 20921.442.093.9
Shawn Rojeski (Fenson) 2128691.744.984.8
Tyler George (George) 1546271.744.284.4
Jeff Isaacson (Shuster) 2028181.765.584.0
Sean Beighton (Clark) 1204501.844.578.1
Bill Stopera (McCormick) 1606031.745.178.0


Jared Zezel (Shuster) 2028381.745.085.8
Joe Polo (Fenson) 2128811.584.685.4
Rich Ruohonen (George) 1546151.764.382.9
Phil Tilker (Clark) 1405481.563.980.4
Dean Gemmell (McCormick) 1606031.623.977.6


Greg Persinger (Clark) 16711.265.889.6
Ryan Brunt (Fenson) 2059021.384.189.5
Colin Hufman (George) 1546701.344.288.3
John Landsteiner (Shuster) 1978411.544.787.5
Darren Lehto (Clark) 1245261.364.186.3
Martin Sather (McCormick) 1576591.444.885.5

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Chinese Women, Korean Men Earn Worlds Berths

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