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Fantasy Curling continues with the 2022 Winter Games in China, held February 9-20 at the Ice Cube in Beijing where the Top International men's and women's curling teams will battle for glory. Jump in an challenge yourself now! Invite your friends and compete against each other!

Whether you're a die-hard fanatic or just want another fantasy sport to try, you will find fun and excitement with our fantasy curling tournaments for the 2021-2022 season. You can pick your favorite teams, learn about teams you've never heard of and enjoy a new way to experience The Roaring Game. It's free to play and our winners will receive a fun reward for their triumph.
How to Play: Register and sign up at CurlingZone, pick 6 teams while staying under the $40,000 total salary cap, and follow the action on the ice and on our leaderboard. Teams score points for what they do on the ice (like scoring and steals) and for their results (like wins and making it to the finals). Play for the highest total score!

Scoring Legend:
Match Win: 5
Extra End Loss: 2
Event Win: 25
Runner Up: 12
Semifinals: 10
Steal: 2
2 or 3 ender: 2
Give Up Steal: -2
Blank End (w/ hammer): 1
Force 1 Points: 1
4 or 5 ender: 5
6 of 7 ender: 10
8 ender: 15

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Mouat Short-Handed as Champions Cup Opens

Mouat Short-Handed as Champions Cup Opens

Bobby Lammie (photo: Anil Mungal, GSOC) injury has Mouat playing three-handed for last Grand Slam of season.

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World Mixed Doubles Championship

World Mixed Doubles Championship

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