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Harty Joins the Big Leagues in Banff

Jeremy Harty's young Calgary squad went 3-1 against Koe and Bottcher on the weekend, en-route to winning the ATB Banff Classic title.

The final match, played Sunday afternoon at the Banff Curling Club in Banff, Alberta, saw a massive comeback by Harty. After Koe scored two on a hit in the first end, Harty had a draw in the second end that slid too deep giving up a steal of two.

Facing a four-point deficit against a team as strong as Koe would seem like a monumental feat,

"In our first game against Koe, we learned that we can keep up with them and make some great shots," said Harty, reflecting back to their 8-5 loss to Koe in the A-Qualifier game on Friday evening.

"So then when we were down 4 in the final, we just remained calm and stuck to our plan for the remaining six ends, and it worked out for us!"

Harty, and his team of third Kyler Kleibrink, second Joshua Kiist and lead Kurtis Goller bounced back in the third end with a draw to score two. From there, Harty hopped aboard the steal-train, finding six consecutive point en-route to an 8-4 win. A roll to far for a steal in the fourth end, a double takeout attempt for another in the fifth, and then an over curl gives Harty two more in the sixth end.

"We were honestly just so glad to be playing in Banff against some of the best curlers in the world. It was huge for us to get those games in and get the experience against the best," added Harty.

Harty won 6-1 over Karsten Sturmay (Edmonton) in the semifinal earlier Sunday morning, while Koe defeated Brendan Bottcher (Edmonton) 8-3.

Harty went 6-1 through the qualifying round, including wins over Bottcher, 8-5 in the A-event, and then again 5-4 in the B-Qualifier.

"We are still learning and getting better, so when we get to play multiple games against those teams we can quickly learn what we need to improve."

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Curling Scores

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