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We're working on contests for this season, including Scotties, Brier and Grand Slam games, so keep an eye here for future announcements!
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User Wins/Picks
1. LisWeagleBRASIL 36/47 
2. BWSpuds 34/45 
3. Geuselio_Hulk 34/47 
4. rangepick 31/42 
5. jim_w 28/40 
6. iansilbe 5/8 
User Wins/Picks
1. LisWeagleBRASIL 99/131 
2. Geuselio_Hulk 95/131 
3. BWSpuds 70/103 
4. rangepick 65/102 
5. KonnorGT 37/56 
6. jim_w 28/40 
7. iansilbe 8/14 

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World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

(Photo: WCF / Peter Harsanyi) The length of curling games and the potential impact of shortening games - predominantly by reducing the number of ends from ten to eight - will be a vital topic of discussion at the upcoming World Curling Congress and Annual General Assembly in held September 4-6 in Cancun, Mexico.

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