Hostmaelingen wins 2024 World Junior Curling Championships

Feb 17 - 24, 2024

Event Results:

Eastern European Time (EET)
Draw: CF -- Sat, Feb 24 -- 3:00pm EET
ITA (Gilli) Final
NOR (Hostmaelingen) (EE)
DEN (Schmidt) 10  Final
USA (Wendling) (10)
Eastern European Time (EET)

Final Ranking    
Team   Points
1.   Norway   22.500 
2.   Italy   16.500 
3.   Denmark   13.500 
4.   United States   12.000 
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Event Purse: $0
Entry Fee: TBA
Lohja, Finland

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Bottcher Out!

Bottcher Out!

Brendan Bottcher (photo: Stan Fong) is moving on from now former teammates Marc Kennedy, Brett Gallant and Ben Hebert, announced Tuesday.

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