Elite 10 -- Shooting

Mar 18 - 22, 2015
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Mike McEwen 31012761.984.486.2
Team Reid Carruthers 28411621.984.085.7
Team Brad Jacobs 29511802.044.283.7
Team Niklas Edin 36714472.043.682.6
Team Kevin Koe 26310322.004.982.0
Team Glenn Howard 26310052.064.080.3
Team Brad Gushue 2619731.984.777.9
Team John Epping 2007202.225.075.7
Team Sven Michel 2318252.224.975.3
Team Steve Laycock 2007092.105.274.4
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Mike McEwen (McEwen) 763032.324.984.8
Brad Jacobs (Jacobs) 732882.184.782.9
Niklas Edin (Edin) 913512.483.782.6
Reid Carruthers (Carruthers) 682582.563.781.5
Kevin Koe (Koe) 652422.265.578.5
Glenn Howard (Howard) 652202.283.771.9
John Epping (Epping) 501662.645.770.4
Sven Michel (Michel) 571792.565.667.4
Brad Gushue (Gushue) 631872.264.162.2
Steve Laycock (Laycock) 501312.525.055.7


B.J. Neufeld (McEwen) 783352.184.491.0
Braeden Moskowy (Carruthers) 722812.084.582.5
Richard Hart (Howard) 662562.244.682.2
Kirk Muyres (Laycock) 501922.225.581.3
Marc Kennedy (Koe) 662472.245.379.5
Oskar Eriksson (Edin) 923452.263.779.4
Mark Nichols (Gushue) 662432.165.678.0
Ryan Fry (Jacobs) 742672.364.876.5
Travis Fanset (Epping) 501742.425.473.9
Florian Meister (Michel) 581772.644.866.0


Derek Samagalski (Carruthers) 723111.924.190.5
Brett Gallant (Gushue) 662652.185.185.0
Matt Wozniak (McEwen) 783122.024.483.9
Jon Mead (Howard) 662602.204.183.7
E.J. Harnden (Jacobs) 742852.324.182.1
Simon Gempeler (Michel) 582192.184.579.8
Colton Flasch (Laycock) 501892.064.979.5
Brent Laing (Koe) 662482.085.079.0
Patrick Janssen (Epping) 501852.364.878.9
Kristian Lindstroem (Edin) 923422.083.678.1


Ryan Harnden (Jacobs) 743401.343.493.3
Ben Hebert (Koe) 662951.403.891.0
Christoffer Sundgren (Edin) 924091.323.390.3
Colin Hodgson (Carruthers) 723121.403.788.3
Stefan Meienberg (Michel) 582501.504.787.9
Geoff Walker (Gushue) 662781.364.185.6
Denni Neufeld (McEwen) 783261.423.985.2
Craig Savill (Howard) 662691.523.783.3
Dallan Muyres (Laycock) 501971.565.581.0
Tim March (Epping) 501951.464.179.5

Recent News

Canadian teams remain in playoff hunt at World Juniors

Canadian teams remain in playoff hunt at World Juniors

Canada's Team Purcell (Picture: WCF) split the day on Tuesday at the World Junior Curling Championships, picking up a win against New Zealand before falling to Switzerland.

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