Sweden's Niklas Edin Lead Vegas Worlds at 2-0

Niklas Edin won 7-3 over Switzerland to improve to 2-0; Scotland's Bruce Mouat defeats Canada in opening game.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Sweden's Niklas Edin defeated Marc Pfister of Switzerland 7-3 in draw 2 of the Men's World Curling Championship while Scotland's Bruce Mouat opened with a 7-6 win over Canada's Brad Gushue who drops to 1-1 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

After a blank in the first end, Edin scored two in the second end, then scored two more in the fourth end for a 4-1 lead. Pfister responded with a single in the fifth end, but 3 more for Edin in the sixth end for an unsurmountable 7-2 lead.

Scotland fell behind 2-0 and then 4-2 to Canada but came back to win with a deuce in the tenth end for the win. Trailing 4-3 in the seventh end, Mouat forced Gushue into a hit against 4 Scottish stones, which rolled too far leaving Scotland the steal of 2 and a 5-4 lead. After a great hit and roll to force Gushue into a single in the eighth end, Mouat rolled the dice in nine attempting a long double to score two. The miss though left Gushue lying shot for a steal and 6-5 lead. A Gushue miss on his last in the tenth left Mouat with an open draw for the win.

USA's Rich Ruohonen with Greg Persinger throwing fourth stones made a short double runback in the extra end for a 6-5 win over Japan Masaki Iwai. Japan's fourth stone thrower Go Aoki made a brilliant 15-foot tap to the four-foot to send the game to extra ends.

Norway defeated Italy 10-4 in the fourth match of draw 2.

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