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USA National Championship -- Shooting

Mar 1 - 8, 2014
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Pete Fenson 86435691.624.785.0
Team John Shuster 62725731.764.484.9
Team Craig Brown 72529471.784.584.2
Team Heath McCormick 75130341.744.883.6
Team Brady Clark 78030991.663.981.8
Team Tyler George 67026011.664.580.0
Team Alex Leichter 65225261.624.979.6
Team Peter Stolt 64224201.644.977.6
Team Eric Fenson 65324051.684.575.9
Team Paul Pustovar 66623651.744.373.4
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


John Shuster (Shuster) 1546071.885.181.8
Pete Fenson (Fenson) 2148391.725.581.0
Heath McCormick (McCormick) 1847161.805.280.8
Craig Brown (Brown) 1816941.944.480.0
Brady Clark (Clark) 1927361.783.979.4
Tyler George (George) 1646101.764.976.8
Peter Stolt (Stolt) 1585631.805.673.8
Paul Pustovar (Pustovar) 1515301.884.573.2
Alex Leichter (Leichter) 1615581.844.771.9
Eric Fenson (Fenson) 1625471.924.670.4
Joseph Bonfoey (Pustovar) 12281.885.047.4


Shawn Rojeski (Fenson) 2209291.764.987.4
Kroy Nernberger (Brown) 1847511.945.085.3
Christopher Plys (McCormick) 1907681.905.384.3
Jeff Isaacson (Shuster) 1606331.964.582.6
Bill Stopera (George) 1706701.764.681.8
Brandon Corbett (Leichter) 1646321.664.779.4
Sean Beighton (Clark) 1987451.823.778.0
Josh Bahr (Fenson) 1645931.784.474.9
Joseph Bonfoey (Pustovar) 1404912.004.773.3
Brad Caldwell (Stolt) 1625691.825.372.9
Ted Trolson (Pustovar) 12381.325.364.7
Paul Lyttle (Pustovar) 16471.963.561.5


Joe Polo (Fenson) 2209491.644.589.0
Jared Zezel (Shuster) 1606791.784.188.1
Matt Hamilton (Brown) 1847451.844.584.3
Greg Persinger (Clark) 1977971.683.883.5
Derek Corbett (Leichter) 1646611.665.783.0
Rich Ruohonen (McCormick) 1907601.724.582.8
Stephen Dropkin (Stolt) 1616451.664.582.6
Dean Gemmell (George) 1706791.684.082.5
Ted Trolson (Pustovar) 16581.344.073.8
Jon Chandler (Fenson) 1645811.644.673.1
Paul Lyttle (Pustovar) 1525311.904.772.9


Jon Brunt (Brown) 1767571.364.287.4
John Landsteiner (Shuster) 1536541.443.787.1
Colin Hufman (McCormick) 1877901.584.386.6
Phil Tilker (Clark) 1938211.364.286.4
Mark Haluptzok (Fenson) 1636841.344.485.1
Ted Trolson (Pustovar) 20831.543.884.3
Jeff Pulli (Leichter) 1636751.364.683.9
Ryan Brunt (Fenson) 2108521.343.882.3
Clayton Orvik (Stolt) 1616431.284.280.9
Martin Sather (George) 1666421.464.478.9
Duane Rutan (Pustovar) 1475591.223.176.8

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Eve Muirhead Targets Eighth Scottish Title

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