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BRITISH CURLING: Team Muirhead Targeting Bronze At World Championships
Team Muirhead Targeting Bronze At World ChampionshipsScotland missed out in the Page 3v4 play-off match at the World Curling Championships in Beijing today, losing 8-5 to Sweden. The Scots will now face them again in the bronze medal match after the Swedes lost 9-3 to Russia in the semi final and Team Muirhead will be aiming for a different outcome against Anna Hasselborg;'s rink this time around. Speaking after the 3V4 game, Team Muirhead Coach Glenn Howard said;;rdquo;I have to say it wasn;'t our best performance, we didn;'t bring our A game but that being said neither did Sweden. ;'I was a little bit disappointed but the bottom line is we didn;'t play our best, we lost that 3v4 game so we now have to refocus and get our stuff together for the bronze medal game tomorrow. ;'We have...
CURLING CANADA: White and Anderson win gold at 2017 Everest Canadian Seniors
Alberta's Wade White and Saskatchewan's Sherry Anderson are bringing home gold medals after the finals of the 2017 Everest Canadian Seniors wrapped up in on the ice of Willie O'Ree Place in Fredericton, N.B., today. Anderson, the 2016 Everest Senior Women's silver medallist, stole three ends on the way to a 7-3 win over Ontario's Jo-Ann ...
CURL MANITOBA: Day 1 and 2 Results - Chicken Chef Mixed Provincial Championship
CurlManitoba is hosting the Chicken Chef Mixed Provincial Championship from March 23-26, 2017 at the Stonewall Curling Club.;nbsp; Sixteen teams are competing to represent Manitoba at the 2018 Canadian Mixed Curling ;nbsp;Championship being held in Swan River, Manitoba from November 12-18, 2017. Friday Results March 24 2017, 9:00 PMCOLIN KURZ,(7) vs DEVON WIEBE,(1)DEREK DOWSETT,(11) vs SAM ANTILA,(6)KEN BUCHANAN,(4) vs BRETT WALTER,(6)DEREK ORYNIAK,(3) vs KELLY LAUBER,(8) March 24 2017, 6:00 PMSAM ANTILA,(3) vs COREY CHAMBERS,(6)DEVON WIEBE,(3) vs JOELLE BROWN,(5)KELLY MARNOCH,(8) vs KELLY LAUBER,(2)BRETT WALTER,(1) vs RAY BAKER,(8) March 24 2017, 2:30 PMCOREY CHAMBERS,(3) vs DEAN DUNSTONE,(6)RICHARD MUNTAIN,(6) vs RAY BAKER,(2)KEN BUCHANAN,(2) vs DEVON WIEBE,(6)DEREK DOWSETT,(1) vs KELLY MARNOCH,(8)...
CANOE: Canada's Homan earns berth in world curling final
Canada's Rachel Homan has booked her ticket to the final at the women's world curling championship.
WINNIPEG SUN:  Canada's Homan earns berth in world curling final
Canada's Rachel Homan has booked her ticket to the final at the women's world curling championship.
THE ROCK STOPS HERE: So You Want To Be A Competitive Curler? Part Two: Getting Down to Work
So, have you had your fill of Gushue and Homan? Gorged on curling coverage on the Glass Teat? Inspired by all of it to jump on your own personal Rocinante, brandish your CCA approved brush like a lance and gallop off to battle windmills? Congratulations, you're ready to get to work.
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: Cloning, Double Rye and Coke and Investing with a Porpoise
Okay…have not blogged in forever, My apologies, but watching the Brier on TV, and playing at the Club has gotten me back in it, so here goes.
PLAYDOWNS: Tell us about your curling heroes!
By Rebecca Connop Price The curling heroes in your community can get star treatment at a Curl BC Awards Banquet if you act now to help them get the recognition they deserve. The 2017 Curl BC Awards and associated banquet will take place on June 3 in Kelowna at the Business of Curling Symposium. The [...]
CURLING HISTORY: More from 1979. To see ourselves ... as others see us
I wrote recently about the Royal Bank Ladies World Curling Championship in 1979 (the first world women's championship, see here) and noted that the programme contained two pages with a montage of cartoons entitled 'To see ourselves ... as others see us'. I rather liked these, and, as they are not well known, I've extracted them to reproduce here.;nbsp;;nbsp;Who drew these? I don't know.;nbsp; The signature looks like A. I 79. Can anyone identify the artist?;nbsp; It raises a smile to see these now, and I hope no-one is offended by them. It is important to remember that just thirty-some years ago, there were many in the media and in the general populace making disparaging comments about curling. Women's curling especially was seen as something of a joke. How things...
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Curling: Fundraiser for Homan team supporter gets boost from jersey auction
Rachel;nbsp;Homan's Canadian-championship curling team is giving back. There's a fundraiser Saturday at the Ottawa Curling Club to support Peter Glover, a staunch Homan supporter who has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's diseas. Many people have signed up to curl in a;nbsp;fun bonspiel called Team Peter. Besides donating about $1,200, Homan and her teammates donated a Homan-autographed Team Canada jersey for auction on eBay. When;nbsp;bidding ended Monday, the jersey had gone for $980. MEN'S BONSPIEL WINNERS In the Alexander Keith's men's bonspiel, Rideau's Bill Blad defended his title to win the Grand Aggregate shield, defeating Huntley's John Steski. Curling with Blad were Iain Wilson, Devo Devine and Steve Demers. Top senior honours went...
CURLBC: Tell us about your curling heroes!
The curling heroes in your community can get star treatment at a Curl BC Awards Banquet if you act now to help them get the recognition they deserve. The 2017 Curl BC Awards and associated banquet will take place on June 3 in Kelowna at the Business of Curling Symposium. The winners will be treated to a meal and will be given the opportunity to say a few words and mingle with friends from the BC curling community. If you know of someone who has had an extraordinary year, or who has been a tireless supporter of the sport in your community, make sure you tell Curl BC about it. The nominations must come in by April 30, 2017. Our Annual Curl BC Awards are a great way to give these heroes special recognition and to say a big "thank you". Simply visit the Curl BC Annual Awards Page...
CURL WITH MATH: Some National Analysis
The Women's Worlds are chugging along and I haven't yet taken a Curl With Math look back at the Scotties final, much less the closing weekend of the Brier. ;nbsp;Not much time for preamble as I need to get editing another Curling Legends Podcast (check out Cathy King on the latest episode and Paul Savage is coming up next week), so without;nbsp;further;nbsp;ado...Scotties FinalsAn entertaining game that was an impressive win for Rachel Homan but an equally disappointing loss for Michelle Englot.;nbsp; Manitoba played fantastic all week and deployed a sound strategy against Homan in all of their games,;nbsp;resulting;nbsp;in a 2-1 record against the favorites from Ontario, but that single loss took place in the one game that mattered most. ;nbsp;A few thoughts on their final contest...2nd...
FROM THE HACK: Week 31 Recap
A recap of action from Week 31 of the 2016-17 curling season and a preview of Week 32.
DON LANDRY: Edmonton Eskimo Sean Whyte is all over that thing called curling
Included: That time Rachel Homan beat him in a FG kicking contest...
CURLING LEGENDS PODCAST: Episode 21 - Cathy King
Cathy King keeps on curling.  Growing up in Edmonton, she played many sports. Winter evenings included time spent around the dinner table discussing curling strategy with the whole family.  Older brothers Robb and Chris won the 1974 Canadian School Boys and when Cathy skipped her team to a successful National Junior Womens Championship in 1977, curling appeared to be near the top of her list.  After a repeat win in 1978, the only thing missing was a World Championship, but that wouldn't be available to Junior Women for another decade.  A few years out of juniors, Cathy got married, had kids, and life seemed to hold her back from reaching those previous levels of success.  She continued to practice and focus on the game however, and after knocking on the door a few times,...
TWINE TIME: BetweenTheSheets: Switzerland Chasing History
The World Women's Curling Championships hit the ice in Beijing. #TwineTime offers full preview/predictions PLUS the impact on 2018 Winter Olympic qualifying.
TWO GIRLS AND A GAME: Everything Brier
The girls along with special guest, John Epping analyze the week at the Brier.  Thoughts about the incredible final and storybook ending, semi final strategy, surprises and disappointments during the week, rowdy spectators, injured players and Brier awards.  We also do an interview with John about his season and ask his opinions on some of the shake ups that have happened in the last couple weeks.
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones: Walker, Owchar bringing Brier home to Edmonton
In Newfoundland, if you are not a born-and-raised local, they say you're from ‘away.' From April 1-9, the members of Brad Gushue's Brier-winning team from ‘away' are going to be at home. Like lead Geoff Walker. “It's obviously a dream come true, first of all for winning the Brier and then being able to come back to Edmonton for the Worlds. It was a hometown Brier for Brad and Mark and now it's basically going to be a hometown Worlds for me,” said the native of Beaverlodge, Alta., who recently was engaged to Edmonton curler Laura Crocker and bought a house in Edmonton. “I'm really looking forward to it. Obviously growing up an Oilers fan and being from northern Alberta and being able to play in the last event in the Northlands Coliseum is going to be unbelievable,...
STONECAST: Ep. 20 - Dick and Paula Arnold
What did you do after the war--World War II, that is? Paula Arnold was on the vanguard of women's curling in St. Paul, supported by her husband, Dick, and a band of merry curlers. This week, we've got Dick and Paula Arnold. Tune in for some early Winter Carnival bonspiel talk (they founded it, 1:56); the start of women's curling in St. Paul (6:46); curling with the East Coast (Elitists!) at Ardsley, St. Andrews, and Broomstones Curling Clubs(15:31); hear a bit about Kerr Dunlop, physical culturalist and the St. Paul Saints' biggest fan (17:17); then wrap with some bonspiel tales (punchbowls of martinis?! - 26:20), and a few stories about the Goodwill Bonspiel via single-prop jet (28:40).
YORK URBANIST: Mid-Season Curling Club Tasks
If you are a four-sheet or smaller club, the management of the facility and programs lies with a volunteer board. If that is the case, add to that checklist all the contracts with food, drink, ice-making, and building maintenance.
KARWACKI: Q&A with Kate Cameron
Q&A with Kate Cameron
CURLINGZONE: Cheating Controversy in Switzerland
Swiss Mixed Doubles champions Martin Rios and Jenny Perret under fire after video shows possible cheating in important round-robin game.
JILL'S HOUSE: Losing in Competitive Sports
Canadian Olympic gold medallist and Winnipeg mom Jill Officer gives us a twice-monthly look behind the scenes of her dual life in her blog, Jill’s House.
COACH BILL: The Art of the Time Out
Yes, I know, it's been more than awhile since I've put fingers to keyboard on my blog site. Thank you to the many who have sent emails and made telephone calls to inquire if I was, well, OK! I doubt I've never been fully OK, but thanks, I'm fine!;nbsp;So what's the reason for the no blogs for several months? I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't write just for the sake of writing. If there wasn't something to say, I wasn't going to say it! But now there is and it's time to reach into the electronic mailbag to answer an email sent from someone for whom I have great respect. His name is John Newhook from one of my favourite cities in Canada, Halifax. I had the joy of spending an afternoon with John at the iconic Mayflower CC as he walked me through...
ONTARIO CURLING COUNCIL: OCC, Curl ON and NOCA endorse New Charitable Tax Receipting Program for Clubs
The;nbsp;Ontario Curling Council and its members, Curl ON and Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA) have endorsed the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario as a revenue generation program through which donors can receive charitable tax receipts for qualifying donations. ;nbsp; Clubs can fundraise for infrastructure, equipment, programs – anything that supports the National Amateur Sports System. ;nbsp;Bonspiels, dinners, golf tournaments are all great ideas to raise funds for your project and the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario has tools to help clubs do so and still meet all charitable tax requirements. ;nbsp;Donors of goods and services may also be eligible for tax receipts. The program is administered by SPORT4ONTARIO, and is available to only clubs affiliated with...
BLOG: Michelle Englot on Hustler & Lawless
Team Manitoba skip Michelle Englot joins Hustler & Lawless to discuss her team’s run to the gold medal round of the 2017 Scotties, joining the team from Regina, and the plans to stick with the team for Olympic qualification.
NERDCURL: Twitter Predicts A McCormick Steamroller In Day 2 2017 USA Nationals Results
In case you have missed what is going on, Twitter has predicted the outcome of the February 12 Mens and Womens Round Robin games two days early in our completely scientific NerdCurl US Curling Twitter National Championships.
THE SCOTCH: The 2017 WFG Continental Cup cont..
Team North America's lead heading into this final day seems insurmountable but don't tell that to the mostly European Team World supporters. They remember the "Meltdown at Medina" and are hoping for the curling equivalent upset. Fortunately for the North American's there isn't really a disastrous alliterative term I can think of that works with Vegas. However, much to the liking of TSN and the Orleans ticket gate there is still plenty to play for. Pride is always good, especially with so many fans still cheering (sans Packer fans). But more importantly each game and end has some cash money tied to it which could seem pretty useful if you curl for a living and spending your last night in Vegas.
BACKSEAT GAFFER: US Curling Power Rankings - January 3, 2017
The back half of the 2016-2017 curling season kicks off this week with the Meridian Canadian Open on the World Curling Tour and the USA Nationals Challenge Rounds taking place closer to home. A preview of the challenge rounds, highlights from an interview with Thomas Howell (lead for the top-ranked Heath McCormick rink) as their team embarks on its first Grand Slam of Curling event, and the updated rankings are on-tap in this week’s edition.
BELFRY CURLING: Juniors (U21) entries down but in other events revamped curling playdowns appear solid
FLYING V: Curling Canada Club Curler corruption
e premise of this article is to vocalize my disdain for the current format, not necessarily the structure for which the bonspiel is set up but more precisely the flawed qualification process that has been implemented to secure a spot in this event.
GOLDLINE: The Brushing Controversy
Never in that period of time have I witnessed the tumult in the sport that we have seen in the past few years. In the eye of this tornado has been the pads we curlers use on our brushes.
ROARING GAME: Team Smith triumph at Oakville OCT Fall Classic
Team Smith claimed the Oakville OCT Fall Classic men’s title and $3,000 prize money by defeating Team McCormick of the USA 7-2 in the final.
FULL GRANITE JACKET: 2018 Olympic curling women’s team predictions
Just for fun, since the Summer Olympics are over and life is all about finding something to fill the void.Here's the qualification table. So far only Korea is qualified as the host nation.Canada - Rachel Homan - They were on the cusp of making it to Sochi, but as fate turned out it was actually Jennifer Jones' turn to represent Canada on the podium. This is a hard one to gauge, as I could also see Jones could repeat as the country, or Chelsea Carey or Val Sweeting or someone else having a hot run at the Roar to wear the maple leaf. Homan's the best on paper in any given tournament. Little has changed this century: politics are better, phones keep improving, and Canada will be the curling gold medal favorite.Korea - EunJung Kim - The host nation's top ranked team is #11....
I wanted to have a forum to discuss minor notes from in and around the curling world. Short House will do that for me, from time to time when I have quick thoughts about goings on you can find them here. Often it is a tall task for me to keep my writing brief but I will try.Sweeping Summit releaseThis past week the World Curling Federation released a statement updating the process of the Sweeping Summit that was held in Kemptville earlier this spring. The statement outlines initial findings and recommendations.As is the norm with the current "instant information" world that we live in, many are craving the full NRC results and data. Patience is not a virtue that sports fans let alone curling fans hold. Although we all would have loved the information to be released in real time in...
GAME OF STONES: What's going on at the Sweeping Summit?
DISCLAIMER! – I sometimes work for Curling Canada, but have little to no idea what’s going on at the Summit. I’m not at all involved in it. These are my musings, thoughts, and opinions. There is nothing official about any of this… Cheers – Brian Chick Hey… you know what we haven’t talked about lately? SWEEPING! Of course, this year’s buzz topic has already been beaten into the ground. We’ve seen a million articles (some of which I wrote), blog posts, videos, and heard a million more anecdotes about what is possible with brush X vs. what you can do with brush Y. There were about 143 different rule changes, depending on which level(s) of competition you played, and endless debates about what sweeping can do, should do, shouldn’t do, and what “they” – the associations – should...
ANDREWJBERGMAN: Something Rotten in The State of...Curling
There’s something a little odd about the sport of curling, and I don’t mean the design of Team Norway’s pants.
THE CURLING LOBBY: What's your Brier Prediction?
Don Landry of Yahoo Sports wrote a great preview of the Tim Hortons Brier today and we'd love to hear your thoughts on his choices and your own predictions! his bosses at Yahoo that curling matters by posting them to his blog. Click on the link above, read and/or scroll down to the View Comments link and VERY IMPORTANT, post something in the comments section!Something positive about the Brier, about curling that may show Yahoo that they should be investing more into our great sport!Sharing is caring!
BEHIND THE GLASS: Some Reflections on the Scottish Curling Championships
Sadly, I was only able to make the Saturday sessions.;nbsp; See travelling on business?;nbsp; Nightmare!;nbsp; Anyhow, up we went to Perth, there to watch things and dream of times past.I don't know about anyone else, but I always find it very difficult to support one team.;nbsp; It was easier in olden times when teams represented ice rinks and comprised typically local players.;nbsp; The Torrance rink was from Hamilton and the Hay rink from Perth; if the skips name was Adam or Horton, chances were that they were from Glasgow and the Hendersons were Aberdeen born and bred.;nbsp; So, if you went to Dundee or Perth or Kirkcaldy, there to watch the Scottish Championship finals in February, you had "your" team.Now - it's a nightmare!;nbsp; Four of us decided to sit in the bleachers...
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: Menard's column rubs one athlete the wrong way
Jean-Michel Menard's guest blog the other day has seemingly rubbed at least one fellow athlete the wrong way. Speedskater Ivanie Blondin sent out a Tweet saying that she felt he was acting a bit spoiled.Feeling embarrassed for this guy. I'd count myself extremely lucky to be treated half as good as how he is treatedâ€;quot; Ivanie Blondin (@IvanieB) April 2, 2015Menard said that he was bothered by the constant erosion of perks and accessibility given to the curlers at the Brier. Of course everything is relative. If you haven't had any of that stuff, you don't know what you're missing. And certainly most other athletes don't get treated as the men curlers do at the Brier. Even the women at the Scotties never had it quite as good as the men....
BURNED STONE: Nova Scotia headed in right direction
After many years of complaining about poorly run Provincial Championships and poor runs at the Scotties and Brier, the Nova Scotia Curling Association has finally listened to its Elite Curlers and have stepped in the right direction for this year’s display of the NS Tankard and NS Scotties.
CURLINGPIX: 2015-2016 Curling Season Photos by Rich Harmer
Hello everyone. ;nbsp;This year has been busy with a new 'regular' job for me. ;nbsp;Over the summer I was at the Arena Nationals in Cedar Rapids. ;nbsp;You can see the pictures here:;nbsp; the fall I was at the St Paul Cash Spiel. ;nbsp;The pictures aren't totally done yet. ;nbsp;You can see the pictures which are done here:;nbsp; shot the Junior Olympic Trials Finals in Blaine this fall. ;nbsp;This photo set is pretty much done. You can see the pictures here:;nbsp; The events I'm scheduled to shoot coming up are: ;nbsp;US Open of Curling 2016 in Blaine, Mixed Nationals 2016 in Blaine, US Junior Nationals 2016 (playoffs) in Wilmar, ;nbsp;and US Nationals in Jacksonville,...
We have developed a NEW website for the blog 2.You will still have everything you like including the ability for you to submit comments.We would like to thank you for using this site to tell your stories and submit your ideas!As the sport grows so do we! We hope you like our new site!
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Five things I learned from hanging out with Team Glenn Howard
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
CPT World Women's Curling Championship
Canada vs. Russia
Sun, Mar 26 -- 3:00am ET
Click Here for details on how to watch in your country

W: CPT World Women's Curling Championship
Beijing, CHN
MENU: Teams | Scores | Standings | Playoffs
Draw: CF -- Sun, Mar 26 -- 3:00am ET

Eastern Time (ET)
Full Scoreboard  |  Play Fantasy Pick'em!  
Click Event to Show Scoreboard
W: CPT World Women's Curling Championship
J: Morris MJCT Men's Bonspiel
J: Morris MJCT Women's Bonspiel
: Marc Kennedy U18 Junior Classic
M: Brantford Mixed Doubles Classic
: AJCT Women's Players' Championship
: AJCT Men's Players' Championship
M: International Mixed Doubles Dumfries
: USA Mixed National Championship
Eastern Time (ET)
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