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John Morris returns to BC | CurlingZone

John Morris is going back to BC, joining Jim Cotter, Tyrel Griffith and Rick Sawatsky to put the team back together that reached the 2013 Olympic Trials and the 2014 Brier. The team was a one year adventure for Morris and controversial at the time as the CurlingZone forums got intense over Morris playing in BC and the questionable nature of his work exemption to some, but this time there will be no issue due to the change in residency rules. Considering the team they played in the Brier final was in the same situation with nothing said about it seemed like a double standard at the time and it’s great to see the rules now making official what had been happening for some time across the country.

It’s to see this team back together again after John’s announcement today, as there’s some unfinished business after twice coming so close. John will return to throwing Third stones but skipping the squad known again as Team Morris.

“After Ryan stepped back, I took some time to reflect on the next 2 years and the Olympic process,” said Cotter when reached about the team announcement.

“There were several great options out there but John was the natural fit with our previous history together. We are thrilled and feel very fortunate that someone of John’s caliber was available. John was obviously a huge asset to our team a few years back and we are all very excited to join forces again.”

“We are still waiting for the final schedule to come out but our goal is to play in all the Slam events, a few of the large events and some training camps,” added Cotter.

“We are committed for 2 years and our primary focus is the Olympic process. As my kids get more and more involved with curling and other things, this will be my last run at the Olympics and playing in out of province events.”


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