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The curling fraternity knows the differences between types of ownership and operations. But ultimately, what curlers want is a place to curl. Operations behind the glass serve to differentiate the experience. The management of a country club is often less cognizant of the curling membership for various reasons: less profitable than golf; smaller market than for other recreation facilities; management's inexperience in the sport. In this article, we review the five E’s of Country Club Curling: Expense; Expectations; Engagement; Experience; and, Exchanges.
PLAYDOWNS: Two teams remain undefeated at men’s championship
By Rebecca Connop Price On day two of the 2016 Canadian Direct Insurance BC Men's Curling Championship only two teams remain undefeated - Team Johnson and Team Cotter. Michael Johnson's Royal City rink of third Chris Baier, second Ty Dillelo and lead Mitch Young defeated Team Schneider 4-3, Team Joanisse 6-3 and Team Craig 6-4 [...]
SPORTSNET: Cotter qualifies for playoffs at BC playdowns
Jim Cotter has advanced to the playoffs of the BC CDI Men's Championship after defeating Michael Johnson 5-4 Thursday night in Nelson. Cotter, a five-time provincial champion from Vernon, will hold the top seed as the A qualifier. Johnson drops to the B-side semifinals of the triple knockout preliminary round where he faces Sean Geall, who beat Tom Buchy 10-3. The other B semifinal sees Jeff Richard take on Glen Jackson. Richard earned a 6-3 win over Wes Craig while Jackson topped Daniel Wenzek 6-4. The BC CDI Men's Championship resumes Friday at 9 a.m. PT. Provincial Curling Championships: Live Scoring | TV Schedule | Tim Hortons Brier Lineup NORTHERN ONTARIO Brad Jacobs, Mike Assad, Jordan Chandler and Colin Koivula are locked in a four-way tie atop of the leaderboard with 3-1...
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Mick Lizmore a real student of the mind game
CAMROSE — Mick Lizmore is studying sports psychology at the University of Alberta, and on Thursday he got a stiff lesson in that department. Lizmore and his Saville Centre team of third Daylan Vavrek, second Carter Lautner and lead Brad Chyz, passed a big test by handing reigning provincial champion Kevin Koe his first loss on Thursday with a dramatic 6-4 extra-end victory. But the wheels fell off in the A event final against Calgary's Charley Thomas, losing 7-1 in just six ends. The win against Koe will help his team's confidence, but like anyone with a psychology background knows, it isn't wise to get too high or low over the wins and losses. “It definitely helps me because I can lean on some things that I've learned to try and stay calm on the ice,” said Lizmore prior to...
CURLBC: Two teams remain undefeated at men’s championship
On day two of the 2016 Canadian Direct Insurance BC Men's Curling Championship only two teams remain undefeated - Team Johnson and Team Cotter. Michael Johnson's Royal City rink of third Chris Baier, second Ty Dillelo and lead Mitch Young defeated Team Schneider 4-3, Team Joanisse 6-3 and Team Craig 6-4 to earn the chance to qualify for the playoffs. They face the Vernon/Kelowna rink of five-time B.C Men's champion Jim Cotter, featuring third Ryan Kuhn, second Tyrel Griffith and lead Rick Sawatsky. The Cotter rink defeated Team House, Team Martyn and Team Jackson to earn the spot. The two teams will play tonight at 7 p.m. with the winner advancing to the page playoff on Saturday at 2 p.m. The loser will drop down to the B Event to fight for another playoff spot. A total of...
CCA CURLING: Team Canada set for 2016 Youth Winter Olympics
Team Canada will begin its pursuit of curling gold on Friday at the second Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. And the Canadian foursome should stand out in the 16-country field, featuring traditional mixed (two male, two female) teams, as it will have a female skip. Mary Fay, who skipped Nova Scotia to the ...
TWINE TIME: BetweenTheSheets: The #RoadToOttawa Continues
Preview the remaining Brier spots in BC, AB, MB & NOnt. Plus championships in USA & Scotland. AND a guest blogger discussing Wheelchair Curling!
THE SCOTCH: The Nationals Continued...
The Scotch has learned that this lively and robust crowd includes the Tim Tebow Fan Club and the remaining supporters of former Florida Governor/ presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.
THE EH GAME: YAHOO SPORTS: Ban the broom, part II: Curling's season of sweeping discontent gets a sequel
Ban the broom, part II: Curling's season of sweeping discontent gets a sequel
CURLINGZONE: Hair Brushes will be Next
Norway's Team Hoiberg tested hair brushes with one sweeper, showing some amazing results that will likely mean hair brushes will be banned next.
CURLING HISTORY: Pondhunting 'Cairnie ponds' and 'Sprinkle rinks'
It's been a while since I wrote about the project to map the 'Historical Curling Places'. See that post here. The project continues to thrive, and I enjoy the small part I play in it. Although begun by David Smith, nowadays Lindsay Scotland and Harold Forrester take the lead, and contributions from others are always welcome. Perhaps there is an old curling pond near where you live. You could become a 'pondhunter'! What does 'your' pond look like today?It is exciting that the project has no finite 'end'. Yes, perhaps one day all the places where curling has taken place will be mapped. But for each place, other questions arise. Who played there? What significant games were played there? If the place was a curling pond, was it constructed by a local...
CURL MANITOBA: CurlManitoba's "Curling to the Extreme" Spring Break Camp
LTAD STAGES: LEARN TO TRAIN, TRAIN TO TRAIN, TRAIN TO COMPETE Spring Break Camps CurlManitoba hosts "Curling to the Extreme" 2-Day Spring Camp at the Rossmere Curling Club March 28-29, 2016.;nbsp; This is a fun and positive 2-day camp for young athletes to play, have fun, learn, and improve in the sport of curling. This camp will consist of individual and team instruction. It will provide a chance for athletes to work on all of the fundamental skills of curling. As well as the following Strength and Conditioning Training Effective Sweeping (proper technique and drills) Mixed Doubles Training Skills Competitions One on One delivery analysis For Registration Forms click here For more information about the Rossmere Camp click here If you have any questions please contact Connor...
NERDCURL: Episode 16: Eve Muirhead Interview/Phil’s Alone (Again)/News
Phil interviews Eve Muirhead and also talks about some of the latest news and happenings from the curling world.
THE CURLING SHOW: Ontario’s Jake Higgs in a pre-Tankard conversation.
Ontario's Jake Higgs is a savvy player on the ice and great with commentary behind the glass. (I put Jake in my Top Five when ranking funniest curlers behind the glass. I have to figure John Cullen would be in my Top Five as well but I've never talked to him from the comfort of a curling lounge.) Few people love the game as much as Higgly or study it quite so closely. He's also one of those guys who gets the absolute most out of his talent, which I realize sounds crappy but is really intended as a compliment. Hear Jake's takes on everything from Ontario curling to brushing techniques. Speaking of brushing, isn't it time you made an effort to improve what can be 75% of your contribution on the ice? You'll get tips and insight when you buy and read Brush Like a Badass? And if your club wants...
FLYING V: Saskatchewan Tankard Thoughts
Before the 2016 edition consummates on Wednesday, I will share my thoughts on each team and how I perceive their chances heading into the event. Will begin in descending order. Enjoy!
CANOE: Year of the Koes comin' together in curling
Kevin Koe's siblings have done their part.
BELFRY CURLING: Dip into Tankard spare pool is rare.. really
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Home away from home: The Ménard game plan for the 2016 Brier
Yes, he could sleep at home in his own bed during the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier, but Aylmer's Jean-Michel Ménard is moving out for the duration of the Canadian men's curling championship. Ménard's wife, Annie Lemay, understands and puts it this way: It's too hard to curl well after staying up all night with a sick child. So Ménard will stay in a downtown Ottawa hotel with younger brother Philippe, who lives in the Montreal suburb of Brossard, and teammates Martin Crête and Eric Sylvain, both from Lévis, near Quebec City. On the plus side, only three of the Quebecers' 11 games during the round robin are scheduled for morning, including one on the opening Sunday of the competition at TD Place. That means Lemay and daughters Marie-Soleil, 6, and Alexandra, 21 months, can...
THE CURLING LOBBY: What's your Brier Prediction?
Don Landry of Yahoo Sports wrote a great preview of the Tim Hortons Brier today and we'd love to hear your thoughts on his choices and your own predictions! his bosses at Yahoo that curling matters by posting them to his blog. Click on the link above, read and/or scroll down to the View Comments link and VERY IMPORTANT, post something in the comments section!Something positive about the Brier, about curling that may show Yahoo that they should be investing more into our great sport!Sharing is caring!
BEHIND THE GLASS: Some Reflections on the Scottish Curling Championships
Sadly, I was only able to make the Saturday sessions.;nbsp; See travelling on business?;nbsp; Nightmare!;nbsp; Anyhow, up we went to Perth, there to watch things and dream of times past.I don't know about anyone else, but I always find it very difficult to support one team.;nbsp; It was easier in olden times when teams represented ice rinks and comprised typically local players.;nbsp; The Torrance rink was from Hamilton and the Hay rink from Perth; if the skips name was Adam or Horton, chances were that they were from Glasgow and the Hendersons were Aberdeen born and bred.;nbsp; So, if you went to Dundee or Perth or Kirkcaldy, there to watch the Scottish Championship finals in February, you had "your" team.Now - it's a nightmare!;nbsp; Four of us decided to sit in the bleachers...
CURL WITH MATH: Epping by the Numbers
Apologies for the delay in this Part II to our last article on Canada's Cups and Opens. Finally getting to the Canadian Open after my holiday hiatus. Unfortunately, something went amiss with my Telus Optik PVR and I was left with no recordings of the event, save a couple of early draws. I could choose to subscribe to the SportsNet Grand Slam online network, but $80 Canadian seems a little steep to watch a couple of games that I missed.A least we can watch John's final shot against Kevin Koe...I could write about last week's Skins games or the Continental Cup. But I'd rather write about curling. I suppose it's ok that these exhibition events exist. I keep telling myself they don't harm anyone and I'm not required to watch. Rumour has it some new changes...
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: Menard's column rubs one athlete the wrong way
Jean-Michel Menard's guest blog the other day has seemingly rubbed at least one fellow athlete the wrong way. Speedskater Ivanie Blondin sent out a Tweet saying that she felt he was acting a bit spoiled.Feeling embarrassed for this guy. I'd count myself extremely lucky to be treated half as good as how he is treatedâ€;quot; Ivanie Blondin (@IvanieB) April 2, 2015Menard said that he was bothered by the constant erosion of perks and accessibility given to the curlers at the Brier. Of course everything is relative. If you haven't had any of that stuff, you don't know what you're missing. And certainly most other athletes don't get treated as the men curlers do at the Brier. Even the women at the Scotties never had it quite as good as the men....
BURNED STONE: Nova Scotia headed in right direction
After many years of complaining about poorly run Provincial Championships and poor runs at the Scotties and Brier, the Nova Scotia Curling Association has finally listened to its Elite Curlers and have stepped in the right direction for this year’s display of the NS Tankard and NS Scotties.
COACH BILL: How Much Is Your Brain Worth?
There is no bigger topic in sports in recent times than concussion prevention. In fact, there's a movie currently in theatres starring Will Smith of the same name, one I fully intend to see! Let's do our homework first.The brain is housed in the skull, surrounded by "cerebrospinal fluid" which essentially acts as a shock absorber, protecting the brain from mild head trauma. But when the skull is moving at high velocity in a particular direction and comes to a sudden stop, the conditions are ripe for a concussion as the brain doesn't get the stop message as quickly as the skull and continues moving at a velocity exceeding the protection of the cerebrospinal fluid and bumps into the inside of the skull. When brain cells undergo that kind of collision, there is damage....
FULL GRANITE JACKET: 2016 US Curling Championship Challenge Round Results
It was really too bad that this qualifier spiel didn't have any coverage other than online webscores, but let's run through our five winners nonetheless:(1) Brady Clark, Greg Persinger, Colin Hufman, Phil Tilker: No surprise here. They did play three close games (and were close to dropping the first one) but a 3-0 run got them into Jacksonville.(3) Todd Birr, Doug Pottinger, John Benton Tom O'Connor, : Based on the scores this was the best team in Madison this weekend, winning all their games by at least five points.(5) Brandon Corbett, Derek Corbett, Paul Lyttle, Jared Wydysh: They had a chance at winning the A-Qualifier against Clark, but got in through the B-Qualifier against Hunter Clawson. This team just keeps showing up in all the good places.(7) Alex Leichter, Martin...
CURLINGPIX: 2015-2016 Curling Season Photos by Rich Harmer
Hello everyone. ;nbsp;This year has been busy with a new 'regular' job for me. ;nbsp;Over the summer I was at the Arena Nationals in Cedar Rapids. ;nbsp;You can see the pictures here:;nbsp; the fall I was at the St Paul Cash Spiel. ;nbsp;The pictures aren't totally done yet. ;nbsp;You can see the pictures which are done here:;nbsp; shot the Junior Olympic Trials Finals in Blaine this fall. ;nbsp;This photo set is pretty much done. You can see the pictures here:;nbsp; The events I'm scheduled to shoot coming up are: ;nbsp;US Open of Curling 2016 in Blaine, Mixed Nationals 2016 in Blaine, US Junior Nationals 2016 (playoffs) in Wilmar, ;nbsp;and US Nationals in Jacksonville,...
AROUND THE HOUSE PODCAST: Curling Brooms and Stephen Colbert
Jordan, Gerry and Kevin bring you up to date on broom technology and the media buzz around it.  Gerry shares his thoughts following a taped appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The panel discuss the physics of curling, debating what impact sweeping should have on shot-making.  Talk then turns to recent events including the success of Team Gushue and how Rachel Homan might fare playing on the mens side of a Grand Slam.
FROM THE HACK: Episode #009 - Amy Nixon / Jon Mead
Amy Nixon, 3rd for Team Carey and 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist Jon Mead, World and 2x Brier Champion with Team Stoughton
JILL'S HOUSE: Importance of Rest and Recovery
I was resting in our hammock feeling the sun on my skin, the breeze in my face and listening to the sound of birds in the trees. Then, suddenly, it was cold, slippery and loud with the sound of rocks banging and voices yelling, “hurry hard!”
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: JM Menard shares his Brier views
Quebec's Jean-Michel Menard wonders what his friend "The Brier" has become.
We have developed a NEW website for the blog 2.You will still have everything you like including the ability for you to submit comments.We would like to thank you for using this site to tell your stories and submit your ideas!As the sport grows so do we! We hope you like our new site!
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Five things I learned from hanging out with Team Glenn Howard
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
Brother and Sister curlers, When I first started The View From The Hack a little over two years ago I always knew that the time would come when I could no longer devote as much time to the blog as I would like – one other thing that I was certain of was that I never wanted to walk away from or give up on this project entirely. It is with these two thoughts in mind that I write this post today. As of Monday 17 November I will be starting a new job as a Reporter with the Dunfermline Press – a publication that I am sure many of you will be familiar with and one which you can now expect to feature curling on a regular basis! Working full-time means that I simply won't be able to dedicate as much time and effort to writing for TVFTH as I have enjoyed in the past. But this is not the...
USA Women's National Curling Championship
Erika Brown vs. Nina Roth
Streaming: Watch Live Now!

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M: BC CDI Men's Championship
M: Northern Ontario Travelers Championship
M: Manitoba Viterra Championship
M: Alberta Boston Pizza Cup
W: USA Women's National Curling Championship
M: USA Men's National Curling Championship
M: AMI Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championship
W: Swiss League Championship
M: Swiss League Championship
M: Go Coco Scottish Curling Championships
W: Go Coco Scottish Curling Championships
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