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THE CURLING SHOW: Brad Gushue, 2014 Pinty’s Masters Champion.
With Mark Nichols back throwing third stones, Team Gushue captured the first event in the Grand Slam of Curling series on Sportsnet by defeating the red-hot Team McEwen in a final game that featured back-to-back four-enders. I talked to Brad shortly after this win. You can find out more about Team Gushue here. You can find out more about how Newfoundland affected John Carter Cash here. (You'll understand if you listen to the entire interview.)
CANOE: Team Sweeting pumped about No. 1 ranking
Val Sweeting's Saville Centre crew has plenty to smile about.
THE CURLING NEWS BLOG: Linda Moore retires to battle neurological disorder
Rauter, Moore and Turnbull at Vancouver 2010 (TSN photo) After a 25-year-career, Linda Moore has retired, effective immediately, from TSN curling broadcasts in Canada. The network made the announcement today, citing “a chronic health condition.” However, Linda wants the curling world to know... she's okay! “I have what's called benign fasciculation syndrome,” Moore told The Curling News from her home in Vancouver. “It's a neurological...
WHEELCHAIR CURLING: Curling club serves dreams on ice
;nbsp;Hot Topics:CubaNational Western Complex PlanChinjaBroncosCurlingHoliday LightsThe CannabistNews Tips;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp;;nbsp; ;nbsp;John MeyerThe Denver PostPosted: ;nbsp; 12/18/2014 12:01:00 AM MSTCorey Fairbanks, sending his rock down the ice Tuesday, says wheelchair curling is a "higher-skilled game than the able-bodied game." (John Leyba, The Denver Post);nbsp;The Denver Curling Club hopes its members will reach the Olympics someday. And the Paralympics too.Wheelchair curlers Corey Fairbanks and Pam Wilson recently returned from national team tryouts, where they made the top eight."Our goal is to become one of the top five that gets to compete at the world championships and at the Paralympic level," Fairbanks said. "Both...
GOLDLINE CURLING: 2014-15 Goldline Catalogue
CCA CURLING: Vernon junior spiel gives young curlers a competitive edge
Jim Cotter is well known in Canadian curling circles for his precision shot-making on the ice. But a few weeks ago, he was wearing another curling hat: junior team coach and part of the organizing committee for the 14th Annual Prestige Hotels Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Classic in Vernon, B.C. We caught up with Cotter ...
CURL WITH MATH: Giving Points Away: Part II
I never intended a part two to my original coverage of the Canadian Open, but one commentor suggested perhaps I was to lenient in my assesment of these decisions. ;nbsp;It is possible. ;nbsp;As a good Canadian I naturaly avoid confrontation and only bury critism underneath pleasantries like "perhaps they might have" or "possibly she could have considered" instead of just calling out skips for being dead wrong.Much of my strategy analysis is based in data, but I also believe what my childhood stats hero Bill James would protest, "there are so many things that none of us know, no matter how detailed the statistics".A skip is always making a strategy decision based on many factors, most of which cannot be analyzed with statistics. ;nbsp;Even stats which are available...
AROUND THE HOUSE PODCAST: ATH, 12/17/14: Just Before Festivus
Jordan, Gerry and Kevin catch-up just before the holidays to discuss the recent Canadian Open, thoughts on the "tick" shot, the progress of Team Stoughton, report on early playdown results and share news on the new Asian Curling Tour.
HOGLINE PROSHOP, JOE'S BLOG: Studying why curlers curl
BY JOE PAVIA It's a leisure study that's serious. Kitchener-Waterloo resident Simon Barrick is an MA candidate in the University of Waterloo's Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. He has been conducting research on curling's beginner leagues since September because he feels these leagues might just be a way to increase curling numbers, which have [...]
PLAYDOWNS: Ten rinks secure spots for the BC Men’s Curling Championship
By Ellie Lambert After a close fought weekend of action, ten men's curling teams have secured spots for the 2015 Canadian Direct Insurance BC Men's Curling Championship. Clubs from across the province will be represented at the Championships as the qualifying events saw teams spread from Victoria to Kimberley triumph. Men's teams without a berth [...]
BELFRY CURLING: Tankard, Hearts entries down - too tough to compete with the pros
COACH BILL: Rachel Was Right!
In yesterday's (12.14.14) final game of the Women's Canadian Open Grand Slam event in Yorkton, SK, in the last end, without last stone advantage, Rachel Homan, on her first shot, with no centre line guards but with two corner guards on each side of the sheet (albeit not great corner guards) decided to come around one of them as opposed of placing a centre line guard. Rachel played exactly the right shot, in my humble opinion, and here's why. And before I explain my position on this, club curlers take note, this is something as much for you as those elite teams!Let's face it, Team Homan was not in a good position to win the game! Make no mistake! What I'm about to share with you is not magic. It's simply a way to make the opposing skip's last shot as difficult...
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: Jones rink deserves team of the year award
In the coming weeks, the Canadian Press will announce its sports award winners. There are winners announced for male, female and team of the year.Earlier this week, the Lou Marsh Award was handed out to bobsledder Kaillie Humphries. That drew some criticism from many who felt that hockey player Drew Doughty should have won. Don Cherry was one of the most vocal in that camp.But when the team of the year is announced, it's my belief that it should go to the Jennifer Jones team which won gold in Sochi. As those of us closely aligned to the roaring game, of course, this seems an obvious choice. Jones and the team of Dawn McEwen, Jill Officer and Kaitlyn Lawes ran through the field at the Winter Games, going undefeated to capture the gold. It was a truly magnificent performance.Others who will...
BEHIND THE GLASS: BBC Sports Personality of the Year
For some reason, BTG's invitation was lost in the Christmas rush post.;nbsp; Tssk, tssk, BT, whatever were you thinking?This has got BTG into a curmudgeonly mood.;nbsp; Normal service will be resumed next week.Batten down the hatches, curling HHYs, I'm coming after you again!Grrrr....!
CURLING HISTORY: Henrietta Gilmour: Pioneer Woman Curler
by Bob CowanThe photo above can be found in the magazine Hearth and Home of March 14, 1895. It depicts four women on the ice, and is probably the earliest published photograph of women curling in Scotland. The skip is Henrietta Gilmour - that's her, second from the right. Note the long handled brooms the women are using, with their crook tops. It cannot have been easy to curl wearing the dress of the time! It would appear that fashionable headgear was de rigueur. What shoes were they wearing? The stones are just a little lighter than used by the men, at 31 to 34 lbs, according to the Hearth and Home article. Note the wooden tee-marker at the centre of the rings scratched on the ice. Hearth and Home was a weekly broadsheet magazine, for women, published in London from 1891-1914. A short...
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Homan rink books spot in the Canada Cup final
Rachel Homan's Ottawa rink booked its spot in the Home Hardware Canada Cup final in convincing fashion on Friday night at Camrose, Alta. Homan, after suffering her first loss of the week, 8-3 to Sherry Anderson of Saskatoon in the eighth draw during the afternoon, came out in the late draw and scored three in the sixth end on the way to a 9-4 victory over Olympic champion Jennifer Jones of Winnipeg. Homan, after falling behind 4-0 after two ends, stole five of six ends to eliminate Jones from the playoff picture. With the victory, Homan finished the round robin in top spot with a 5-1 record. Heather Nedohin of Sherwood, Park, Alta., and Val Sweeting of Edmonton tied for second spot at 4-2 and will play the semifinal on Saturday afternoon for the right to take on Homan Sunday. Nedohin...
FULL GRANITE JACKET: European Curling Championship Roundup (and ESPN3 exposure)
A Event Women:It's funny. Of all the teams participating, I'd probably have taken Switzerland fourth or fifth, and this is the same Binia Feltscher team that won the world championship. The last team that won worlds and the ECC in the same calendar year was Anette Norberg in 2005, so that's pretty great company.Russia took silver, which is probably a disappointment for the 2012 ECC champions led by Anna Sidorova, but they've earned to be among Europe's best for the last few years, and are young enough to stay there for much longer.Scotland took third place, but I feel like anything involving Eve Muirhead tabs her her as a favorite, anything but the championship game is a disappointment. They also dropped a puzzling game to Estonia of all teams, then was eliminated in the 3-4 game by Denmark,...
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Five things I learned from hanging out with Team Glenn Howard
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
Brother and Sister curlers, When I first started The View From The Hack a little over two years ago I always knew that the time would come when I could no longer devote as much time to the blog as I would like – one other thing that I was certain of was that I never wanted to walk away from or give up on this project entirely. It is with these two thoughts in mind that I write this post today. As of Monday 17 November I will be starting a new job as a Reporter with the Dunfermline Press – a publication that I am sure many of you will be familiar with and one which you can now expect to feature curling on a regular basis! Working full-time means that I simply won't be able to dedicate as much time and effort to writing for TVFTH as I have enjoyed in the past. But this is not the...
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kevin Koe, Jeff Stoughton advance to Direct Horizontal Drilling Fall Classic semifinals
Kevin Koe stole a point in both the seventh and eighth ends to defeat Saskatoon's Kevin Marsh 9-7 on Sunday night in the quarter-finals of the Direct Horizontal Drilling Fall Classic at the Crestwood Curling Club. Koe, whose new Calgary-based team of Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing and Ben Hebert has an 8-2 record this season, plays Aaron Sluchinski of Airdrie in Monday's 10 a.m. semifinals. Sluchinski trounced Matthew Blandford of Cold Lake 8-2 in only six ends in their quarter-final game. Meanwhile, Winnipeg's Jeff Stoughton whipped Jamie King of St. Albert 10-4 in six ends while Saskatoon's Steve Laycock doubled up Brendan Bottcher of the Saville Centre 6-3. Koe, Stoughton and Laycock all have perfect 4-0 records this weekend. The final is set for 2 p.m. Monday. At the Curlers Corner Autumn Gold...
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: Dear Santa - Don't put me on the naughty curler list
Dear Santa;Once again, I am writing to you with a set of wishes for Christmas for me and some of my fellow curlers. I realize that I was on the "naughty" list last year, which explains the autographed Wayne Middaugh shirt I found under the tree. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a good home for it on eBay yet, but I am still trying. I feel that I have been particularly nice this year; my broom slamming and throwing was limited to but a few thoroughly justifiable occasions (I think even Mrs. Claus would have whammed something if her draw had stopped an inch short of shot in an extra end); hardly enough to warrant inclusion on the infamous "naughty curler" list.So here are some gift suggestions:;nbsp;- For Mark Dacey; a postcard from Charlevoix - saying: Come Back...
CURLINGPIX: ACK! It’s summertime and there is no curling — not true by the way.
You might start to go through withdrawl from following your favorite teams and players and/or your own season.  These days I see a lot more people getting serious about training.  They have conditioning programs, they find ice, they gather and practice, and they review their own video to look for areas to improve.  My home [...]
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