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SPORTSNET: Homan tops Middaugh in GSOC Masters Draw 6
SELKIRK, Man. — Two-time defending champion Rachel Homan earned a 7-4 victory over Sherry Middaugh, of Coldwater, Ont., during Draw 6 action Thursday morning at the Masters Grand Slam of Curling. Homan overcame a 2-0 deficit at the start of the game. Middaugh held the hammer in the opening end and was facing three but drew her final stone to the button to score one. Homan fell short of making a double takeout in the second and could only manage to eliminate one rock to give up a steal. The Ottawa rink jumped on the board with a single in the third. Middaugh faced three again in the fourth but couldn't grab shot rock and gave up a steal of two. Middaugh settled for one in the fifth. Homan added another two points in the sixth and Middaugh scored one in the seventh. Homan fell behind...
THE CURLING SHOW: John Cullen from Cullen and a Curler.
He may not be the most accomplished curler I've had on the show but he's a decent lead for Team Joanisse and an even better stand-up comedian. Not only does John host the popular Cullen and a Curler but you can find him at comedy clubs across Canada. He also writes and generally carries on. You can find out more about John on his web site. You can also see some of his Yuk Yuk's shows on YouTube. Definitely worth checking out. Naturally, we kind of ramble on in this conversation. But we also manage to talk about ways we can think the game can be improved and compare notes on guests. I know I enjoyed it and laughed pretty hard. A quick little warning: there's a bit of cursing in this edition. As most of my listeners know, I don't swear all that often on my podcast. Not nearly as much as I...
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: Outdoor curling ice in Toronto could be a reality -- with your vote
So this is one of the coolest initiatives I've seen in quite a while. The Toronto Curling Association is working with the City of Toronto parks department to have them set up curling ice in various spots around the city. Parks is onside and this can be a reality if Toronto can get some funding.Right now, it's working to try and get a grant through Game On Toronto, which is a Pan Am Games initiative. To do that, curlers have to vote for curling. To do that, you have to go here:;nbsp;;nbsp;You need to register and then you can vote once a day to help out curling.;nbsp;Hugh Murphy, the TCA's president, told me that the idea behind this is to take curling to the people. Instead of folks wondering how they would curl, how they would join a club, and whether...
GOLDLINE CURLING: 2014-15 Goldline Catalogue
CANOE: Retired curler Kevin Martin takes broadcast job
Kevin Martin has a combined sense of excitement and apprehension starting another phase of his curling career as curling colour commentator for Sportsnet.
PLAYDOWNS: Canadian Curling Association launches new instructional video
By rconnopprice The Canadian Curling Association has today launched a new instructional video that shows correct delivery. The video is five minutes long and is a great resources for people teaching learn to curl clinics. Source:     
CURLING HISTORY: Scotland's Sporting Buildings
Book reviewed by David B SmithOne of the most remarkable - and least publicised - 'by-products' of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer was the publication by Historic Scotland of the book, Scotland's Sporting Buildings, by Nick Haynes.The purpose of the book is 'to celebrate the divers range and outstanding quality of historic purpose-built sporting architecture that exists across the country'.The book is not long at 108 pages, but it is crammed full of illustrations in colour and black and white. Its format is a general introduction on Scotland's sporting history followed by shorter sections on each of a list of sporting activities beginning with archery and ending with tennis, racquets, and squash.The place of Scotland's two 'national games',...
CCA CURLING: Head First puts safety first on the curling ice
In 2011, a recreational curler at the Calgary Winter Club fell during her weekly league game and hit her head on the ice. Her life changed that day. (You can read that story by Kim Perkins here: House Call: Curl smarter - consider a helmet.) Let's face it: curling ice is slippery and the possibility ...
WHEELCHAIR CURLING: Hundreds turn out for annual wheelchair curling tournament
What is this?Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If you'd like to learn more...What is this?XWhat is this?Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. If you'd like to learn more...REGINA - The First Steps Wellness Centre held its 3rd annual Funspiel Saturday, with more than 30 teams from across the province turning out to play the classic game with a twist."The rules are pretty much the same as regular curling but everyone's got to throw from a chair," said participant Jessica Frotten.Every player uses a throwing stick to shoot the rocks across the ice and into the house."It puts everyone on the same level playing field,"...
BELFRY CURLING: If you curl as Thor, you always have the hammer
CURL WITH MATH: ATH, 03/27/14: Between Two Worlds
Jordan is joined by Gerry and Kevin just after the Women's Worlds and before the start of the Men's World Championships.;nbsp; They discuss Rachel Homan's surprising loss and the process of World and Olympic qualification in Switzerland and other countries.;nbsp; They cover some of the changes and challenges in USA Curling. Note: Due to technical difficulties the podcast was cut short and discussion on team rumors and Brier relegation were lost.;nbsp; The boys hope to be back next week with those topics and more.Check out this episode!
COACH BILL: 2014 World Series MVP
I'm publishing this blog during the morning of game #6 of the 2014 World Series. As my fingers dance (many would say plod) across my computer's keyboard, the Giants of San Francisco lead the best-of-seven series 3 games to 2 over the surprising Royals of Kansas City. I don't have a horse in the race but unless one has some lifelong affiliation with the Giants, it's difficult not to hope that perhaps the underdog Royals just might complete the ever so rare Cinderella season and win the championship of Major League Baseball.Those Giants of that west coast cable car city are experienced, talented and well coached. In the experience category, they must might win their third World Series title in the last five years. If they do that they will have gone the distance in each of...
THE CURLING NEWS BLOG: New curling calendar now on sale
Another fundraising tool for curling facilities Celebrate the Roaring Game - and support some great causes First came the Women of Curling. Then, last season, the Men of Curling. Now for 2015, The Curling News and The Community Fundraiser have announced the Spirit of Curling, the latest installment in their successful series of fundraising wall calendars. The 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar retails online for $20.00 each plus taxes, shipping and handling, at The Spirit of Curling website. A portion of proceeds from each purchase go to three charitable campaigns: the Canadian Curling Association's "For The Love of Curling" philanthropic program, the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, which has now contributed over $2.5 million to 35 Canadian hospital neonatal intensive care units, and...
VIEW FROM THE HACK: Weekend Roundup 17-19 October
I am out of the country from tomorrow so I thought I'd get in a roundup of this weekend's action before I go. The European Playdowns in Perth proved to be very exciting and we now know which teams will be representing Scotland in Champ̩ry, Switzerland at the end of next month. The women's event was won by Eve Muirhead after she won all four round-robin games and then beat Lauren Gray twice in the final round to secure her team's place at the Europeans. Hannah Fleming's team lost all their games in Perth Рnot something we are used to seeing from the young skip. The men's competition, meanwhile, went right to the wire after David Murdoch qualified from the round-robin alongside David Edwards, the latter needing a tie-breaker against Tom Brewster on Saturday afternoon. So the best-of-three...
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kevin Koe, Jeff Stoughton advance to Direct Horizontal Drilling Fall Classic semifinals
Kevin Koe stole a point in both the seventh and eighth ends to defeat Saskatoon's Kevin Marsh 9-7 on Sunday night in the quarter-finals of the Direct Horizontal Drilling Fall Classic at the Crestwood Curling Club. Koe, whose new Calgary-based team of Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing and Ben Hebert has an 8-2 record this season, plays Aaron Sluchinski of Airdrie in Monday's 10 a.m. semifinals. Sluchinski trounced Matthew Blandford of Cold Lake 8-2 in only six ends in their quarter-final game. Meanwhile, Winnipeg's Jeff Stoughton whipped Jamie King of St. Albert 10-4 in six ends while Saskatoon's Steve Laycock doubled up Brendan Bottcher of the Saville Centre 6-3. Koe, Stoughton and Laycock all have perfect 4-0 records this weekend. The final is set for 2 p.m. Monday. At the Curlers Corner Autumn Gold...
FULL GRANITE JACKET: European Curling Group C Championship results
We'll start with the women. I had The Netherlands and Spain advancing out of this, and I was dang near right. The Netherlands did win the group with a 6-5 extra-end win over Slovakia in the 1-2 game. There's always something to home ice advantage, especially in a field like this. It will be their first advancement out of Group C since 2010, when they were relegated from Group A to Group B and in the next year didn't field a team.Slovakia's second chance came against Spain, who beat Slovenia in the 3-4 matchup. I was watching Zoetermeer's stop-motion overhead camera in the final and, and Spain had a terrific draw to the four foot with their first skip stone, only to be topped by a Slovakian hit-and-roll further into the four foot. A desperation runback attempt didn't work and Slovakia stole...
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Miracle League of Ottawa falls short of winning $100,000 grand prize
They might have to go into extra innings, but an Ottawa group says it will push on with its bid to build a baseball park for those with special needs, despite failing to win the Kraft Celebration Tour grand prize. The national contest would have given the Miracle League of Ottawa $100,000 to help fund its effort. But the group found out Monday that the money had instead gone to a curling club in Barrhead, Alta. “It was looking good for a while,” said Michelle Desrochers, whose son Bryce Desrochers, born with cerebral palsy, has been the inspiration for the Ottawa effort. “You just never know, and that's OK.” As one of the contest's 10 finalists, the Ottawa group will receive at least $25,000 in its push...
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: Dear Santa - Don't put me on the naughty curler list
Dear Santa;Once again, I am writing to you with a set of wishes for Christmas for me and some of my fellow curlers. I realize that I was on the "naughty" list last year, which explains the autographed Wayne Middaugh shirt I found under the tree. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a good home for it on eBay yet, but I am still trying. I feel that I have been particularly nice this year; my broom slamming and throwing was limited to but a few thoroughly justifiable occasions (I think even Mrs. Claus would have whammed something if her draw had stopped an inch short of shot in an extra end); hardly enough to warrant inclusion on the infamous "naughty curler" list.So here are some gift suggestions:;nbsp;- For Mark Dacey; a postcard from Charlevoix - saying: Come Back...
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Five things I learned from hanging out with Team Glenn Howard
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
BEHIND THE GLASS: Stones of Destiny!
It is 1972 and we are deep into the final of the World Championship in Garmish-Partenkirchen.;nbsp; Orest Meleschuk knows that he has to hit and stick within the eight-foot on tricky, heavy ice to score two and take the game into an extra end.;nbsp; His opponents were team USA, skipped by Bob LaBonte.;nbsp; Their round-robin records were Canada 7-0 and USA 4-3.;nbsp; Never was there such a mismatch, yet here we were - it all depended on the big fellow's last stone. Cigarette dangling from his lips, he threw his fateful stone; the sweepers give it an early bang with their corn brooms, but the stone suddenly sits back and they are called off quickly; contact is made, but the shooter rolls slowly out towards the eight-foot; and further out; and further out - helped on its way by some furious...
CURLINGPIX: ACK! It’s summertime and there is no curling — not true by the way.
You might start to go through withdrawl from following your favorite teams and players and/or your own season.  These days I see a lot more people getting serious about training.  They have conditioning programs, they find ice, they gather and practice, and they review their own video to look for areas to improve.  My home [...]
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