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CCA CURLING: PEI and Newfoundland ; Labrador crowned Travelers champions
Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador have their first ever Travelers Canadian Curling Club Championship titles. Lisa Jackson's rink out of the Cornwall Curling Club in P.E.I defeated Ontario 5-3 in the women's final. Andrew Symonds of St. John's got past Manitoba 6-4 in the men's final. P.E.I. took control of the women's final ...
THE CURLING NEWS BLOG: Vol. 59 Issue 2: December 2015
TROUBLE BREWING FOR TOP EVENTS? When our new/returning columnist Warren Hansen speaks, people listen – WITH ARCHIVED SPECIAL IN THE DIGITAL EDITION MO' BRUSH MADNESS Three updates and opinions from Rodger Schmidt, Lori Eddy and a DIGITAL EDITION SPECIAL – with exclusive video – from Matt Brouwer CURLING TV/WEB GUIDE – DEC/JAN Our subscribers get the most in-depth and accurate curling event viewer listings PHOTO CONTEST TIME Take a photo of yourself with The Curling News and win a prize pack – bonus marks for unusual locations! WELCOME BACK SKINS FANS TSN is back with top...
CURLINGZONE: Pinty's TSN Skins Game Announced
TSN announces 2016 Pinty's ‪‎Curling‬ Skins Game will return January 8-10 in Banff! Great lineup of Canadian All-Stars!
CURLBC: Coquitlam gears up to host 2016 BC Scotties
The best women curlers in the province will be showcased in the city when the Coquitlam Curling Club hosts the 2016 Scotties BC Women's Curling Championship, presented by Best Western. The event will take place from January 19-24, 2016, and will feature eight elite women's curling teams vying for their chance to go to nationals. The semi-finals and finals of the provincial event will be televised on Sportsnet. Patti Knezevic's Prince George rink will return to the championship in 2016 to defend their 2015 title. The team is made up of Kristen Pilote, Jen Rusnell and Rhonda Camozzi. The rink of six-time BC women's champion Kelly Scott, with Third Shannon Aleksic, Second Jenna Loder and lead Sarah Pyke were the top CTRS (Canadian Team Ranking System) team and qualified based...
TWINE TIME: BetweenTheSheets with Kirk Muyres
#MrSmiles talks Saskatchewan, Brier, family and growing the sport
FROM THE HACK: Episode #009 - Amy Nixon / Jon Mead
Amy Nixon, 3rd for Team Carey and 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist Jon Mead, World and 2x Brier Champion with Team Stoughton
CURL WITH MATH: Going Like a Pro at The National
The broom news this week from the WCF has distracted me from focusing on the task at hand, rewatching and analyzing games from the National. The conversation has shifted away from "directional fabric" to water proofing and a "hardening" or "stiffening" insert. I leave the related adult jokes to your own imagination, but these new regulations appear to put one company in a tough spot. Hardline responded with their statement later in the day, disagreeing with the decision and stating they will "do what is necessary". Not certain this will come to legal action but given that the icePad was a previously approved broom and, two years later, is not, it's easy enough to feel empathy for their position. If you were a small business owner, how would you...
THE CURLING SHOW: Glenn Howard and Buck Goodbrand.
So the Great Brush Debate continues to be the focus of curling conversation. Tension on the ice, WCF rulings, The New York Times, Stephen Colbert â€;quot; there's a lot going on. So I had Glenn Howard on the phone for a conversation and, shockingly enough, we talked a lot about the brush story. I also talked to Buck Goodbrand, the director of the documentary that chronicled the 2010-2011 season of Team Howard, because that film is now available on US cable outlets and in iTunes. If you go here, you can find out all the ways to see it. With all this talk about brushing, isn't it time you picked up Brush Like a Badass? And if you're an American curling fan, doesn't it all make you you want to go to the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier and see what's happening there? Get your US-EH tickets today and...
YORK URBANIST: Curling Business - the Expense Side
....the curling club has not been socking away that capital fund that should have enough to cover that catastrophic eventuality – ice plant replacement. Within 20 years, your club will have to spend at least $150,000 to replace part of that plant and $350,000 within 30 years for wholesale replacement. And yet, clubs continue to apply duct tape to extend the lifeblood of a curling facility
FULL GRANITE JACKET: 2015 PCCs: Japan Women, Korea Men Win
In a mild upset, I was half right. I felt like I was going out on a limb saying the Korean mens team, skipped by Soo Hyuk Kim, would win the region. Hey, they had a terrific season thus far, albeit a small sample size, but they validated that accomplishment by topping China 8-6 in the semifinals, then rolling over Japan 11-7. It's their first PCC gold since 2002; and they will go to the world championships for the first time since 2011. The program is certainly on the right track heading into their home 2018 Olympics.On the women's side, Japan ;ndash; who I had pegged for a third-place finish ;ndash; won the whole thing, led by Satsuki Fujisawa, snuck by Korea 8-7 in the championship. It had also been a while since the Japanese won the PCC women's side ;ndash; 2005.This means...
PLAYDOWNS: Four junior teams clinch berths to provincials following tour
By Rebecca Connop Price Four junior curling teams have clinched spots at the 2016 Tim Hortons BC Junior Curling Championships thanks to their success on the BC Junior Curling Tour. A total of five curling centres hosted BC Junior Curling Tour bonspiels, with the last event taking place at Esquimalt Curling Club on the weekend [...]
CURLING HISTORY: Curling Minutes Online
Review by Bob CowanEthnology is 'The study of the characteristics of different peoples and the differences and relationships between them'. A short video, here, from the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore explores 'What is European Ethnology?' The European Ethnological Research Centre, based at the University of Edinburgh, is engaged in a study of the ethnology of Dumfries and Galloway, the south west region of Scotland, see here. The Edinburgh group is transcribing diaries, memoirs, account books and journals for their research, as well as recording the spoken memories of people alive today. The reason for this article is that the Centre has published online the full text of The Minute Book of Lochmaben Curling Society 1823-1863.In times past, particularly...
CANOE: World Curling Federation makes sweeping changes
Curling makes sweeping changes
BELFRY CURLING: Moratoriums should put a stop to broom-ha-ha
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Homan rink captures yet another title with win at The National
The winning continued for Rachel Homan and her rinkmates on Sunday in Oshawa, Ont. The Ottawa skip got past Tracy Fleury of Sudbury 5-4 at the General Motors Centre to win The National, her second straight Grand Slam of Curling tournament victory after claiming the Masters two weeks ago. Homan, with third Emma Miskew, second Joanne Courtney and lead Lisa Weagle, trailed 4-3 heading into the final end but scored a deuce to claim the victory. Homan and her rink were the only team to run the table at the event, going 7-0 through the round robin and the playoffs. Homan has made the finals of all three Grand Slam events this season, with a runner-up finish in the Tour Challenge to open the season. She improved her record to 20-1 overall in the series. This was the first...
CURLINGPIX: Crikey!! It's another batch of #2015nats Pictures for your viewing pleasure.
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Mick Lizmore's Saville Centre team wins Canadian mixed curling championship
Mick Lizmore and his Saville Centre rink of Sarah Wilkes, Brad Thiessen and Alison Kotylak are the Canadian mixed curling champions. Lizmore completed a perfect 12-game run through the 14-team championship with a 4-2 victory over Saskatchewan's Bruce Korte in Saturday's sudden-death final at the Weston Golf ;amp; Country Club in Toronto. “It was pretty satisfying,” Lizmore, 28, a PhD student and instructor at the University of Alberta, told Curling Canada. “Heading into that last game, we were thinking to ourselves that we better put a good effort forth because it would be a shame to end the week with a loss. “Bruce's team played really well, but we were glad to get it done.” Lizmore's rink will now represent Canada in the 2016 world championship, Oct. 15-22 at...
COACH BILL: "The Great Escape"
There's a saying in sports that "sports doesn't build character as much as it reveals it". Sometimes after great athletic performances under gruelling conditions or in the face of;nbsp;seemingly insurmountable;nbsp;obstacles, we label the participants as "heroes". Hmm, really? Heroes? It's a game! In the course of human events the outcome is of little or no consequence. Let me tell you about some real heroes, one of whom I've actually met and perhaps some of you have too but that's, the rest of the story.As you can see by the title, this is about one of the most truly incredible feats of initiative, intelligence, perseverance, courage and down right hard physical labour in modern history. For those of you out there who have never heard of "The...
THE EH GAME: YAHOO SPORTS: Can moose hunting make you a better curler? Yup, says this Olympic champ
Fresh off a moose hunt, John Morris revitalized and ready for The Masters
JILL'S HOUSE: Importance of Rest and Recovery
I was resting in our hammock feeling the sun on my skin, the breeze in my face and listening to the sound of birds in the trees. Then, suddenly, it was cold, slippery and loud with the sound of rocks banging and voices yelling, “hurry hard!”
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: Menard's column rubs one athlete the wrong way
Jean-Michel Menard's guest blog the other day has seemingly rubbed at least one fellow athlete the wrong way. Speedskater Ivanie Blondin sent out a Tweet saying that she felt he was acting a bit spoiled.Feeling embarrassed for this guy. I'd count myself extremely lucky to be treated half as good as how he is treatedâ€;quot; Ivanie Blondin (@IvanieB) April 2, 2015Menard said that he was bothered by the constant erosion of perks and accessibility given to the curlers at the Brier. Of course everything is relative. If you haven't had any of that stuff, you don't know what you're missing. And certainly most other athletes don't get treated as the men curlers do at the Brier. Even the women at the Scotties never had it quite as good as the men....
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: JM Menard shares his Brier views
Quebec's Jean-Michel Menard wonders what his friend "The Brier" has become.
We have developed a NEW website for the blog 2.You will still have everything you like including the ability for you to submit comments.We would like to thank you for using this site to tell your stories and submit your ideas!As the sport grows so do we! We hope you like our new site!
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Five things I learned from hanging out with Team Glenn Howard
The Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp wrapped up at the Guelph Curling Club on Sunday afternoon, ending three days of - of - of what? Learning, laughing, and a fair bit of pain (delivery, after delivery, after delivery....!) Moments of illumination, moments (long ones!) of frustration. Good times with new friends. Lots of failure. A few successes. And a long list of "Things I'm going to do
THE CURLING LOBBY: What's your Brier Prediction?
Don Landry of Yahoo Sports wrote a great preview of the Tim Hortons Brier today and we'd love to hear your thoughts on his choices and your own predictions! his bosses at Yahoo that curling matters by posting them to his blog. Click on the link above, read and/or scroll down to the View Comments link and VERY IMPORTANT, post something in the comments section!Something positive about the Brier, about curling that may show Yahoo that they should be investing more into our great sport!Sharing is caring!
AROUND THE HOUSE PODCAST: ATH, 03/05/15: Brier Thoughts (from Thursday)
Jordan, Gerry and Kevin chat during Thursday afternoon of the Tim Horton's Brier.;nbsp; Includes coverage of the first ever Pre-Qualifier, thoughts on new branding for the CCA, controversy between Ontario teams, and results from TSN's two-game-per-draw broadcasts.
BEHIND THE GLASS: Pipelines and Things
It is fair to report that our sport has enjoyed great success at recent Olympic, World and European events.;nbsp; You may well argue that it has never been healthier and that we live in a golden age of success.;nbsp; If you look at the international achievements of the likes of Anna Sloan, Greg Drummond, Michael Goodfellow, Scott Andrews, Tom Brewster, Claire Hamilton, Vicky Adams, Lauren Gray, Eve Muirhead and David Murdoch - to name but ten, and in no particular order - well, you cannot really argue.;nbsp; These people have been prepared to commit wholly to their sport; they have given up huge amounts of time and effort and, yes, they are living their dream. But the rest of us should never forget that they didn't achieve this success by accident: they visit the gym regularly; they put...
Brother and Sister curlers, When I first started The View From The Hack a little over two years ago I always knew that the time would come when I could no longer devote as much time to the blog as I would like – one other thing that I was certain of was that I never wanted to walk away from or give up on this project entirely. It is with these two thoughts in mind that I write this post today. As of Monday 17 November I will be starting a new job as a Reporter with the Dunfermline Press – a publication that I am sure many of you will be familiar with and one which you can now expect to feature curling on a regular basis! Working full-time means that I simply won't be able to dedicate as much time and effort to writing for TVFTH as I have enjoyed in the past. But this is not the...
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W: BC Scotties - Open Event #1
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: Dawson Creek Cash Spiel - Challenge
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M: Spitfire Arms Cash Spiel
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M: Le Gruyere European Curling Championships
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