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SPORTSNET: Martin part of exclusive Curling HoF club
GOLDLINE CURLING: Curling Calender - September 2014
Curling Calender - September 2014 The 2014/15 curling season has arrived!  Although many club curlers do not start regular season play until after Thanksgiving, the high performance teams have already been battling it out on the ice. The first event on the World Curling Tour calendar, the Baden Masters, was held August 29-31 in Baden, Switzerland.  Twenty teams took part, and in the end, it was a contest between two Goldline ambassadors for the title.  Congratulations to Team Ulsrud who defeated Team De Cruz in the finals. At the Stu Sells Tankard in Oakville, ON Goldline Ambassadors Team Jaggi, Debbie McCormick, Team Paetz played on the ladies side while Team Edin battled on the men's side. This week, the featured event on the curling calendar is The Shoot-Out at the Saville...
PLAYDOWNS: Essais canadiens 2015 de curling en doubles mixted reviennent à Ottawa
By Al Cameron Les meilleures équipes canadiennes de curling en doubles mixtes seront de retour à Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club pour contester les Essais canadiens 2015 de curling en doubles mixtes, l'Association canadienne de curling a annoncé aujourd'hui. Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club sera l'hôte de 2015 mixtes Essais canadiens de curling Doubles. (Photo, [...]
BOB WEEKS ON CURLING: NB curler attempting to play 100 game in 100 rinks
Here's the story of Rob Swan who curls at the two-sheet club in Harvey Station, N.B., who wants to focus some attention on small-town curling clubs. Many, Swan says, are facing difficult times as they struggle financially with dropping memberships and much-needed repairs.;nbsp;To do this, Swan is going to try and play 100 game in 100 different clubs over the next few months. He'll wrap up at the Tim Hortons Brier in Calgary, where he'll just watch, not play.;nbsp;"I have emailed approximately 120 curling clubs across the country, asking for one game, no money, just the one game, and our supporters here in the curling club are out getting sponsors," says Swan."We don't want to lose this club. In this area alone, we have had three clubs go under for whatever...
GRASSROOTS CURLING: Curling treasures
A few curling treasures discovered recently on the bookshelf in the parlour of my cousin's old farmhouse in Nova Scotia: Looking for instruction, anyone? I want one of those sweaters. Just saying. It's all about the draw, says Mr. Weyman.  And inwicks, outwicks, chaps and chips, of course. I love this so much, I don't even know what to say about it!!
CURL WITH MATH: ATH, 03/27/14: Between Two Worlds
Jordan is joined by Gerry and Kevin just after the Women's Worlds and before the start of the Men's World Championships.;nbsp; They discuss Rachel Homan's surprising loss and the process of World and Olympic qualification in Switzerland and other countries.;nbsp; They cover some of the changes and challenges in USA Curling. Note: Due to technical difficulties the podcast was cut short and discussion on team rumors and Brier relegation were lost.;nbsp; The boys hope to be back next week with those topics and more.Check out this episode!
CCA CURLING: 2015 Canadian Mixed Doubles Trials return to Ottawa
Canada's best mixed doubles curling teams will return to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for the 2015 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials, it was announced today by the Canadian Curling Association. The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club will play host to the 2015 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Trials. (Photo, courtesy Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club) The Hunt Club hosted the highly successful 2014 edition of the Trials, which will determine Canada's representative for the 2015 World Mixed Doubles Championship next spring in Sochi, Russia. The 2015 Canadian Mixed Doubles Trials are scheduled for March 11 to 15. A total of 32 teams (one man, one woman) will compete, with the teams divided into four round-robin pools of eight, with the top two from each pool and the next four best round-robin records...
WHEELCHAIR CURLING: 8th Annual Wheelchair Curling Danish Cup Results
;nbsp;8th Annual Wheelchair Curling Danish Cup. Congratulations to the medal winners; 1.Czech - Gold2.;nbsp;Russia - Silver3.;nbsp;Norway - Bronze.4. Scotland
FULL GRANITE JACKET: USA Curling Update: Brady Clark Goes 1-3 In Edmonton
It was a light weekend on the WCT circuit for Americans: 2012 USA champion Brady Clark's team was the only one participating for points. The HDF Insurance Shoot-Out in Edmonton was a triple-knockout tournament, and they started off well with a 5-3 win over Thomas Usselman, then lost their next three games, all in the eighth or extra ends, twice losing with hammer in the final end.A 1-3 record didn't yield any WCT points, but it was a strong showing. They were in a position to win every game they played. It's tough to win in Alberta â€;quot; 7 of the top 50 WCT teams hail from there. Based out of Seattle, Clark is well-positioned to play teams from Western Canada, stay high in the ranking and still contend for the US title.This weekend: There are four events on the WCT tour, with the...
CURLING HISTORY: A Sculptured Relief by Rolf Brem
by David B SmithOn a recent surf of the internet seeking items of curling interest I was quite surprised to see in a Swiss auction house's catalogue a modest sculptured relief of a modern curling scene. The relief was said to be made of 'Englischzement' and it was signed by the sculptor Rolf Brem. It did not take long to ascertain that the piece had been modelled by one of Switzerland's most famous, popular, and prolific sculptors, whose long life had centred on the Swiss city of Lucerne. He had died in 2014. There was lots of material by him on display on the net but as far as my researches went this was the only depiction of curling. I therefore resorted to my old and faithful friend, Max Triet, who was until his retirement director of the Swiss Sport Museum in Basel,...
BEHIND THE GLASS: Stones of Destiny!
It is 1972 and we are deep into the final of the World Championship in Garmish-Partenkirchen.;nbsp; Orest Meleschuk knows that he has to hit and stick within the eight-foot on tricky, heavy ice to score two and take the game into an extra end.;nbsp; His opponents were team USA, skipped by Bob LaBonte.;nbsp; Their round-robin records were Canada 7-0 and USA 4-3.;nbsp; Never was there such a mismatch, yet here we were - it all depended on the big fellow's last stone. Cigarette dangling from his lips, he threw his fateful stone; the sweepers give it an early bang with their corn brooms, but the stone suddenly sits back and they are called off quickly; contact is made, but the shooter rolls slowly out towards the eight-foot; and further out; and further out - helped on its way by some furious...
THE CURLING NEWS BLOG: Morris announces curling sabbatical – perhaps
No Mo Johnny... unless... John Morris has spoken. The finalist from both the Brier and the Canadian Olympic Trials has issued a statement today on his immediate curling future, and here it is: This ad appears in our April issue After a lot of thought and deliberation, I have decided to take a step back from the game of curling next year. I had the tremendous pleasure of playing with three great, genuine teammates in Jim Cotter, Tyrel Griffith and Rick Sawatsky as we made it farther than I think anyone would have predicted for a team playing its first year together. You were all amazing, as was our coach, Pat Ryan, and our alternates Jody Epp and Jason Gunnlaugson. I am extremely proud of our squad for what we accomplished, and would like to thank my guys for helping me recover my passion and...
VIEW FROM THE HACK: 2014 European Mixed Curling Championship
While some of us may not even have set foot on the ice yet this season, for others the international curling calendar is well underway. TÃ¥rnby, Denmark is currently hosting the European Mixed Curling Championship – a competition for teams made up of two males and two females. From next season, we will be seeing this competition on a world stage but more on that another day. You may remember last season's event was held in Edinburgh and it proved to be a very enjoyable occasion even if there were technical issues at the very start. This post should give you all you need to know about this year's Championship. 25 teams are competing and they have been divided up as follows: Group A: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey Group B: Czech Republic,...
CANOE: Chesea Carey wins first as an Albertan
The only way it could have been better for Chelsea Carey would be if her Winnipeg Jets shirt had gone through the dry cycle.
COACH BILL: What Are You Thinking?
The golf of world was treated to a wonderful performance at the recent "British Open Championship" played at Royal Liverpool G;amp;CC at Hoylake. The wire-to-wire winner was Northern Ireland's 25 year old Rory McIlroy who established, what turned out to be, an insurmountable six shot lead going into the fourth and final round at the the links course, about 15 km. from that cavern in downtown Liverpool were four floppy haired lads turned the popular music world upside down in the 1960's. Although he was challenged by Spain's Sergio Carcia who climbed to within two shots at one point in the final round, the result was really never in doubt. It was, to say the least, a remarkable performance! It puts him a Masters "green jacket" away from the career "Grand...
OTTAWA CITIZEN: Miracle League of Ottawa falls short of winning $100,000 grand prize
They might have to go into extra innings, but an Ottawa group says it will push on with its bid to build a baseball park for those with special needs, despite failing to win the Kraft Celebration Tour grand prize. The national contest would have given the Miracle League of Ottawa $100,000 to help fund its effort. But the group found out Monday that the money had instead gone to a curling club in Barrhead, Alta. “It was looking good for a while,” said Michelle Desrochers, whose son Bryce Desrochers, born with cerebral palsy, has been the inspiration for the Ottawa effort. “You just never know, and that's OK.” As one of the contest's 10 finalists, the Ottawa group will receive at least $25,000 in its push...
EDMONTON JOURNAL: Three Edmonton teams in men's, women's finals at HDF Insurance Shoot-Out
Val Sweeting and Chelsea Carey advanced to the women's final in the HDF Insurance Shoot-Out on Sunday afternoon at the Saville Community Sports Centre. Sweeting, who recruited seven-time New Brunswick champion Andrea Crawford to play third after Joanne Courtney joined Rachel Homan's two-time Canadian championship rink, advanced to the final with a 6-3 win over Susan O'Connor of Calgary. Sweeting, who has Dana Ferguson at second and Rachelle Pidherny at lead, is a perfect 7-0 in early-season bonspiel, winning all five games in her six-team round-robin pool and two playoff games. Carey, the 2014 Manitoba women's champion who moved to Edmonton to play with Laura Crocker, Taylor McDonald and Jen Gates, went 4-1 in the round-robin and then defeated 2012 Canadian champion Heather Nedohin 6-2 and...
THE CURLING SHOW: Earle Morris, now behind the sheet of Team Morris/Canada.
After an extraordinary run coaching Team Homan, Earle Morris thought he'd take a break. The good news for fans of the game? He changed his mind. I talked to Earle about his decision to take on the role of coaching his son's veteran lineup this coming season, the evolution of the sport and a whole lot more.
BELFRY CURLING: Inglis back at the helm takes a run at Stu Sells title
CURLINGPIX: ACK! It’s summertime and there is no curling — not true by the way.
You might start to go through withdrawl from following your favorite teams and players and/or your own season.  These days I see a lot more people getting serious about training.  They have conditioning programs, they find ice, they gather and practice, and they review their own video to look for areas to improve.  My home [...]
MIKE THE CURLING GUY: Dear Santa - Don't put me on the naughty curler list
Dear Santa;Once again, I am writing to you with a set of wishes for Christmas for me and some of my fellow curlers. I realize that I was on the "naughty" list last year, which explains the autographed Wayne Middaugh shirt I found under the tree. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a good home for it on eBay yet, but I am still trying. I feel that I have been particularly nice this year; my broom slamming and throwing was limited to but a few thoroughly justifiable occasions (I think even Mrs. Claus would have whammed something if her draw had stopped an inch short of shot in an extra end); hardly enough to warrant inclusion on the infamous "naughty curler" list.So here are some gift suggestions:;nbsp;- For Mark Dacey; a postcard from Charlevoix - saying: Come Back...
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