Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi3-2 at 2018 WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International

Sep 21 - 23, 2018

Hyvinkaa, Finland
Games: 5  
Record: 3W - 2L  
PF/G: 9.49  
PA/G: 6.41  
Hammer Efficiency: 0.39  
Steal Defense: 0.33  
Force Efficiency: 0.55  
Steal Efficiency: 0.48  

Eszter Juhasz/Markku Uusipaavalniemi (Hyvinkaa, FIN) finished 3-2 in the 18 team
WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International qualifying round, held September 21 - 23, 2018 in , . In their opening game, Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi defeated Sarah Cai Huijie/Lionel Loh Caihao (Singapore, SG) 10-1, then won 5-4 against Therese Westman/Robin Ahlberg (Stockholm, SWE). Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi went on to lose 10-9 against Anastasia Moskaleva/Alexander Eremin (Moscow, RUS). Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi lost 6-5 to Iluta Linde/Arnis Veidemanis (Riga, LAT) where Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi responded with a 8-4 win over Jenny Perret/Martin Rios (Glarus, SUI) in their final qualifying round match.
. For week 6 of the event schedule, Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi did not improve upon their best events, remaining at th place on the World Ranking Standings with total points. Juhasz/Uusipaavalniemi ranks th overall on the Year-to-Date rankings with points earned so far this season.

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