World Curling Report

U.S. Open of Curling -- Shootout

Jan 2 - 4, 2015

Draw Shot Challenge Rankings:

Mike Farbelow
, MN
   6.25in   2.254.0012.25*0.000.00
Steve Laycock
Saskatoon, SK
   9.75in   6.507.00*
Jeff Currie
Thunder Bay, ON
   20.00in   15.752.0039.50*2.250.00
Adam Casey
Charlottetown, PEI
   22.25in   0.2514.755.0023.75*2.25
Jeff Stoughton
Winnipeg, MB
   24.25in   5.500.500.0018.50*18.25
Heath McCormick
Blaine, USA
   31.00in   13.0037.75*
Trevor Bonot
   32.50in   7.0013.253.758.5024.00*
Craig Brown
Blaine, USA
   42.50in   0.0023.5011.008.0031.50*
Paul Pustovar
Hibbing, MN
   42.50in   11.005.0026.2573.00*0.25
Korey Dropkin
Blaine, USA
   44.00in   11.2513.258.2511.2515.00*
Jialiang Zang
Harbin, CHN
   46.00in   0.0066.25*19.2510.5016.25
Doug Brewer
Cornwall, ON
   47.00in   18.005.502.2521.2573.00*
Scott Dunnam
Philadelphia, PA
   56.75in   16.7521.7516.0037.50*2.25
John Epping
Toronto, ON
   57.25in   9.2513.2518.5019.00*16.25
Reid Carruthers
Winnipeg, MB
   64.00in   23.506.5073.00*20.0014.00
Brady Clark
Seattle, WA
   67.50in   16.0024.500.0029.50*27.00
John Shuster
, MN
   69.25in   32.00*30.7523.500.0015.00
Mick Lizmore
Edmonton, AB
   90.75in   73.00*30.0013.5045.252.00
* = shootout dropped from total.

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Quebec's Bedard has High Hopes for Rookie Week

Rookie skips Alek Bedard (Quebec)(Photo by Anil Mungal) and Jake Higgs (Nunavut) enjoying first-time out at the Brier.

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