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M: Le Gruyere European Curling Championships
M: DEKALB Superspiel
W: Red Deer Curling Classic
W: DEKALB Superspiel
M: Red Deer Curling Classic
W: Boost National
M: Boost National
M: Mixed Doubles Bern
: Brazilian Mixed Doubles Championship
W: Le Gruyere European Curling Championships
M: Sherwood Park U21 Junior Mens Bonspiel
: Sherwood Park U21 Junior Womens Bonspiel
: Sherwood Park U15 Junior Bonspiel
: Okotoks U18 Bonspiel
M: Port Elgin Superspiel
W: Listowel Women's Classic
: Okotoks U15 Bonspiel
M: USA Junior Men's National Qualifier
W: USA Junior Women's National Qualifier
M: United States Olympic Curling Team Trials
W: United States Olympic Curling Team Trials
: Canadan Mixed Curling Championship
M: Fort Wayne Mad Anthony CashSpiel
M: EJCT Prague Junior Mens Cup
M: The Burnt Rock Curling Co. Carp Classic
W: EJCT Prague Junior Womens Cup
W: RCD Annual International Wheelchair Bonspiel
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Calvert wins Spider Performance Icebreaker

Braden Calvert (Winnipeg, MB) wins the Spider Performance Icebreaker at The Granite, defeating John Shuster (Duluth, USA) 8-4 at the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Calvert with Kyle Kurz at third with Lucas Van Den Bosch and Brendan Wilson on the front end take home the $2,200CDN first place cheque along with 24.331 world ranking points, while Shuster receives $1,500CDN and 19.117 world ranking points for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Shuster scored 1 in the first end, with Calvert responding in the second end scoring 2. Shuster scored 2 in the third end after which Calvert delivered the fatal blow in the fourth end scoring 4 to take a 6-3 lead. Shuster was forced to a single in the fifth end, with Calvert adding 2 more in the 6th end for the 8-4 win.

In the semifinals, Calvert defeated Jason Gunnlaugson (Winnipeg, MB) 5-4 in an extra end and Shuster defeated William Lyburn (Winnipeg, MB) 7-1. Gunnlaugson and Lyburn earned $1,000CDN and 14.772 ranking points for their third place finishes. In the quarterfinals, Calvert defeated Craig Brown (Madison, USA) 6-2 and Lyburn defeated Sean Grassie (Winnipeg, MB) 6-1. Brown and Grassie earned $700CDN along with 10.427 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Calvert went 2-1 in the 12 team double knockout qualifying round. In their opening game, Calvert lost 5-4 to JT Ryan (Winnipeg, MB), then responded with a 4-2 win over Trevor Bonot (Thunder Bay, ON). Calvert won against Ryan 7-3 in to qualify for the playoffs.

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Shuster wins US Olympic Curling Trials

Shuster wins US Olympic Curling Trials

(OMAHA, Nebraska) – John Shuster set the tone early in the game that he was not going to be denied a fourth trip to the Olympic Winter Games.

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