Dutch Curling Federation in search of new talent in Canada

In the search for new talent, the Dutch Curling Federation broadens their horizons to Canada, the country where curling is a national sport. Using a campaign, ambitious Dutch-Canadians with a Dutch passport are asked to sign up, so the potential for top-level sports disciplines can be mapped.

Together with sports marketing agency Triple Double, the association wants to further develop the sport in their own country, but also broaden the basis for top-level sports disciplines. Dutch-Canadians that have the ambition, dedication and talent to represent the Netherlands in the future can sign up online using www.hollandsnextgoldmedal.com.

Maurits Hendriks, technical director of TeamNL at the Dutch Olympic Committee, calls upon Dutch-Canadians in a video.

1 million Dutch-Canadians

Currently, there are only around 150 Dutch curlers linked to the four official curling clubs in our country. Nevertheless, the national men's team has consistently been active on an international level these last few years. This year, the men's team will participate in the World Championships for the third time in a row, which will be held from March 30th to April 7th in Canada. A Dutch team will also compete in the World Championship in Norway at the end of April, led by national coach Shari Leibbrandt - entering the new Olympic Mixed Double discipline.

According to the Canadian curling association, over 350,000 Canadians go curling at least ten times a year and a percentage of them are Dutch in origin. Canada has around one million residents with Dutch roots and tens of thousands of residents own a Dutch passport.

Technical Director of TeamNL, Maurits Hendriks feels responsible for the further development of this sport in The Netherlands: "Curling is 'hot' and is receiving a lot of media attention. What's more, the men's team is now counted among the twelve best countries in the world and is now part of TeamNL. This provides the team with all the support needed to train more and compete at more international top-level tournaments."

"To continue to grow this sports business, we are looking for more fellow 'countrymen' who curl and have the ambition to strengthen Dutch curling teams and help them on their way to a European or World Championship and the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Suitable candidates are invited to sign up."

Holland's next gold medal? Are you dreaming of a career as a professional curler? Do you have the talent and the ambition and do you want to one day represent the Netherlands internationally? Do you have a Dutch passport as a Dutch Canadian or do you have relatives in Canada with the same dream? Sign up using www.hollandsnextgoldmedal.com or tell your family or friends about this amazing challenge!

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