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Topic Review (Newest First)
Originally posted by GregJP1
If an administrator reads this, I'd like some help with my original account GregJP. No matter what I try, I can't seem to log in using that account.

I am only able to login on one of my several devices (PC/Android). So I live as a guest on all but one. Cannot adjust settings AtAll. Kinda sad. I wondered about clearing my cache and trying fresh - deleting the ap and trying fresh, but well, since it the owners seem to not care, I kinda just say, "OhWell" a Life's work in demise maybe. Still glad for the scores.
On The Nose As others have noted, being logged in under a UserName that is not yours is a very serious issue.
The fact that it's being completely ignored and disregarded by those in charge - along with the many other problems of these new Forums - shows that it's definitely time to press the Red Button and blow these Forums up completely, then start from scratch.

We can't stay logged in anymore, either - as soon as we close the page, we must log back in when we return.

To have this many BLATANT problems with these Forums for SO LONG - and pointed out by DOZENS of people, and it all being completely IGNORED is not only negligent, but it is an absolute INSULT to all those who use the Forums.
GregJP1 If an administrator reads this, I'd like some help with my original account GregJP. No matter what I try, I can't seem to log in using that account.
barbpenton Hello again,

Just posting as I have once again been logged in to this site as a random user. Just noting that this would let me view and edit the users profile, and preferences. See any personal information they have included to the site. Post or PM on their behalf. As the previous post was about a user getting logged into the site administrators account, who knows what permissions they may have had. This could likely happen to you. Really surprised there has been no replies to this thread. The security issue has clearly not been addressed.

Logging out not. Again apologies to the account owner.
Gerry I definitely ain't Gerry. This is really something Gerry ought to look into.
CurlingZoneStats This is still the best place to get scores and that is what I use it for. I do believe the posting under someone else's persona needs to stop.

Maybe in the summer the forums can be fixed.
Ajay As to a new site. This site is very complex and wants to cover every curling spiel and activity in the world. No doubt there are people interested in the many smaller localized spiels. Myself, however, I'm only interested in the major spiels that cover the top teams in the world, like slams, worlds, etc. hence , a site focusing on only that would e all I'd need.
Squiggsy You'd think the site admin's and/or Gerry would want to attend to this immediately. Based on everything I've seen from him (them?) this year, I'm not surprised this remains unresolved and a big problem. From watching the event this weekend, I heard the announcers state multiple times they were getting their stats from Gerry. I guess he is too busy doing that than to fix his sites. This will be the last time I visit CZ. I'm thinking I could likely create my own site for $20 and it would still be better..
maugorzata Came back to see if there was any reply to my previous post (as user alexrona). Found it identified me as this current user (maugorzata).

Again, I do not have any account at this site. I think anyone who does should be alarmed.

The site is somehow logging in random visitors into other accounts.

I am going to log out of this account so I should not be able to reply to this message. My appologies to the legitimate owners of these accounts.
alexrona I also am not this user.

I do not have an account at this site and just visit as a viewer.

Visiting the site I noticed I was logged on as this user, and I had read this thread.

I think all users who have registered accounts should be concerned that there are potential security risks.

I did nothing to log in to this account. I was just visiting to read the forum and check the scores for the current slam event.

Sharing this as a PSA.
On The Nose These Forums have gone from well populated, practical, and enjoyable a year ago to garbage now.
The administrators show no interest in fixing the many problems, or in returning to the format which worked much, much better.

All that remains is to officially declare these Forums dead.

This is not exactly the way to help curling to grow.
Sean Hey All,

Ok so I'm back. I'm Ed even though this post will be by Sean. I can post just fine as Sean. What is more concerning is that this site ties a poster not to a username and password but to a specific computer also. That is crazy. One should be tied to a username and password only. I may use my phone which I have not or I may use my tablet as now or I may use my wife's phone or her tablet or laptop. What brainwave thought to tie a user to a specific computer? That is ridiculous in this day and age - fix it. The computer I likely signed up on is dead and I am in the process of building a new one. What gives?

-Ed- not Sean.

An add... I've had the same email for over a decade.
CurlingZoneStats The best part as being signed in as CurlingZoneStats is handing out eight enders on the scoreboards.
Deliverer SEAN/ED

Guess that gibberish which was posted earlier was the result of trying to post under the username of Sean. Not surprised it didn't work.

I'd suggest you try to remove your name and all data from the CZ registry and log out completely from this website. Then contact the Webmaster ( )
and give them your email ID, your new username and a new password.

Hope this works.

Presumably you have an identical email ID for both the desktop and your phone. That may be the problem here simply because the CZ system cannot accept two sources having the same ID. Therefore it automatically assigns a bogus name like Sean to the second source.

Suggest you confine your postings to your desktop only. You can, of course, use your iphone, ipad , what have you, to read what other posters are doing to solve the problems of the world. Hopes this helps.


Plse. read the above. Suspect you originally registered and logged in using a source different from what you are now using. Can't do this.

Not so sure you can actually post under the name of Sean or Brielle' but give it a try. Send me a post and let's see if it's received. If that doesn't work you may have to log out of the CZ system completely and start over again as a new poster. Good luck!
decade Gerry hasn't replied to any Admin site questions for months now. Not sure that he even cares about CZ anymore,
CurlingZoneStats Same here.On my phone I am curling zone stats and on my desktop computer I am curlingfan,which is who I really am.Can't even log in on my tablet.It tells me that my password is wrong.Which it is not.
Sean Hey All,

What is going on? I am now logged in as Sean. I'm not Sean. My apologies to Sean for posting under his name but I want to straighten this out. A few days ago I was logged in as Brielle? If I recall right and I could have posted under her name. I'm not her either. Why does this forum log me in under random? Names? Tonite I wanted a password reset so I could be who I am. 4 hours later no return email. I have registered here I believe as I have posted here before. So who am I? I'm so confused.


So some of what I said is tongue in cheek. I'm sure you can tell the difference. My email addy is in the password reset requests.

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