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Topic Review (Newest First)
fresca Hey Todd ,

If they took over your computer and want you to send them 10 bitcoins to. @##$#@$$$

Better send it

They got me too and have naked pictures of me

Good luck

btw - the pics turned out great !
Gerry Please forward me the email and I'll see what I can figure out. Send it to

We don't sell your information, and haven't had any breaches that we know of recently.
prairiewest Hi,

I just got spammed on an email address that is ONLY used for this site:

As you can see from the format, it's unique. I've never used it anywhere else on the internet. Never posted it anywhere. Never sent email from it.

So, either Curling Zone member database got hacked and exposed, or the site admins sold our info. I would put money on the former, and suspect there is a vulnerability in this site somewhere that should be fixed.

I'm deleting that email address right now. I suggest you either do the same if you can, or if not then change your password on this site right away.


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