United States Olympic Curling Team Trials -- Shooting

Nov 11 - 18, 2017
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Heath McCormick 80832901.884.884.7
Team John Shuster 76730961.784.783.7
Team Todd Birr 68327391.765.082.9
Team Craig Brown 59723801.664.382.2
Team Brady Clark 59222971.744.680.1
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Heath McCormick (McCormick) 1987931.985.383.5
John Shuster (Shuster) 1887271.884.880.6
Todd Birr (Birr) 1686401.965.279.5
Craig Brown (Brown) 1335071.684.978.5
Jason Smith (Brown) 16541.963.570.5
Brady Clark (Clark) 1484891.883.968.6


Kroy Nernberger (Brown) 20861.503.588.2
Tyler George (Shuster) 1827311.964.684.2
Jason Smith (Brown) 1144601.864.884.0
Christopher Plys (McCormick) 2048002.104.782.6
Greg Persinger (Clark) 1485801.764.880.9
Craig Brown (Brown) 16612.182.580.9
John Benton (Birr) 1726592.025.180.4
Joe Polo (Shuster) 12431.363.673.3


Korey Dropkin (McCormick) 2048371.944.685.6
Colin Hufman (Clark) 1485951.884.983.8
Matt Hamilton (Shuster) 1947791.844.883.6
Hunter Clawson (Birr) 1726851.744.982.3
Kroy Nernberger (Brown) 1104371.723.982.0
Sean Beighton (Brown) 401491.904.177.8


Quinn Evenson (Brown) 572541.343.890.6
Tom O'Connor (Birr) 1717551.324.989.5
Phil Tilker (Clark) 1486331.425.087.1
John Landsteiner (Shuster) 1918161.444.787.1
Thomas Howell (McCormick) 2028601.484.887.0
Sean Beighton (Brown) 913721.364.282.9

Recent News

Anna Sloan Stepping Away as British Curling Announces Teams

Anna Sloan Stepping Away as British Curling Announces Teams

Scotland's Anna Sloan (photo by Anil Mungal) will take a break from curling to pursue other interests; To be replaced by Jennifer Dodds at third on Team Muirhead.

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